[Archive] Dog Soldiers - Wolf heads needed


Okay, so I was thinking of something unique I could add to my chaos army and it hit me - werewolves! So I came up with some awesome conversion ideas and I have most of the components. All I’m lacking is some GW woldf heads. If anyone has some of these going spare and would be prepared to part with them, please post/drop me a PM


I have several spare wolves you could take the heads off of. They have a thin coat of black undercoat.That said, I don’t make it to the postoffice often, so you may have a wait.


Just wondering, aren’t they a bit big?

When going with the Chaos theme the Chaos Hound heads might work better no?!


Not really for the models I’m planning, you’ll have to wait and see them when they’re done


I wonder if they are anything like mine…

I won’t reveal how I made one (didn’t have enough wold heads for a full unit) but I’m sure there is a pic lurking somewhere on the net.


Oddly enough, in my sale thread I have these:

7 sets of wolf heads and tails - 50p each.

I’ll need to check, but some of them may be fully completed wolves, so you’d get some spare chunky wolf bodies spare most likely. If you’re interested, send me a pm, cheers.

Warlord Ghazak Gazhkull:


how many heads would you need? I think I have quite a few left. I will look saturday when I’m at my dads place.