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Right now it is bad, really bad, this is going to take me some time determine what went wrong. Right now the parts are there but many of the key ones are missing.

Backups? Ask Xander, I am paranoid about it, all online ones gone as well as my downloaded ones; the sequence of events on that are like a Greek tragedy… :frowning:

Additionally this means that WoH is going to be delayed significantly as well.

More as I can piece through it.


Awww… shoot. It is hellish when on-line stuff go poof. Hope it ain’t hackers.

At least you had an appropriate smiley to use :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Eh? What’s this about?


It may have been there from the beginning in January, there was an older proto forum I installed based on YABB it was just sitting there… I was leery to mess with it…

Baggronor- www.dogsofwaronline.com; it was really starting to pick up speed; so if you know anyone versed in html programming let me know; I’ll be attempting to resurrect the forum tonight.


I saw it was down last night right after I got an email notification from there.

Plus all the info done on the army book, gone. :frowning:


Yep I got a really sick feeling in my stomach looking at it, sucks bigtime.

Kera foehunter:

*Kera rubs Willmark back * it will be ok !!!

Take a deep breath ! And try again later it will work out


Brrr, that’s not good news to read. x.x I hope cdo won’t disappear too !


CDO is very much backed up, DoW had such a weird circumstances of the backups failing its not funny.


It’s bad when the backups of backup fail.


Biggest problem was I usually have it a backup in two other places, one being online storage… well I cleaned that out several weeks ago too.


For the most part we are back in business now.


And people have been posting to rebuilt it stronger, bigger, better.