[Archive] Dogs of War Play Test Version 3


We are now on the third round of play testing.

We have taken in comments and play test results and made some changes so please make note of them before making your lists and playing.

The biggest change this time is that we removed the renown points from the list, it was adding too much complication to the army. We have not changed the the Regiment of Renown PDF so you do not have to download it again if you already have it.

Warhammer Armies: Dogs of War (Play Test Version 3)

Warhammer Armies: Regiments of Renown (Play Test)

Please contact us with play test results and comments from opponents during the play test games.

We need to know how the army fares and hopefully try out all the units in games of various sizes. We need as much data on this army list to make the army balanced as we can against all the current armies, but not over powered.

This play test will be for a period of 3 months and all play test results should be emailed to playtestdogsarmy@gmail.com so we can analyze the information and make any future changes that may be necessary.

Comments on the army list should be made to commentsdogsarmy@gmail.com.

Questions should be directed to dogsofwararmybook@gmail.com.


Well, Good one, And Smacks head, I meant the Chaos Dwarves. I always thought I should have resource points to help compensate games, and that the merchant prince would play a key part in this.