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hi fellow men:hat off

i have been looking through the dogs of war army list for a couple of units which would suit the chaos dwarfs nicely. but i need the unit to also be affective in games, so as i was looking through i found something which goes together well its a bunch of big beasty ogres which i thought would be fun to convert to make them look as though they are slaves so does antone have any ideas?:idea


Well leadbelchers sometimes even get their cannon from the Chaos Dwarfs, so those fit nicely (well any Ogres fit in quite good), Norsca is probably the country we got nearest to us in terms of allies along w. the Ogres (& they worship Chaos) so Norse Berserkers can work as well, then we can always include Gobla Khan since Hobgoblins are a great part of CD society, normal Dwarfs could work as well (just model them like Chaos Dwarfs), kit them out w. X-bows & we get some long range fire outside our warmachines.

You can get away w. almost anything a long as you convert the models to look like they´re part of your army & you have some fluff to go w. it.

I myself would probably get some Ogres, they provide a nice punch we otherwise don´t really get outside Bull centaurs. Or perhaps the Slayer Pirates, they could be Chaos Dwarf slayers & in game terms they would bring us a nice unbreakable unit.

However, remember that the Earthshaker is probably still your best rarechoice.

Kera foehunter:

would they be Kera’s chaos slayer pirates!!!


Leadbelcher would be the best next choise


the slayer pirates are not allowed in chaos dwarf armies im pretty sure. and i am going to include an earthshaker before any dogs of war of course as they are totally awesome. but i think the leadbelchers sound good but they are not really good to suit my army tactics but thankyou so much for all the help