[Archive] Doom Dwarf Green

Fabled Games:

Hi all,

Thought I’d share a green we received in from our sculptor.

21mm tall and 17.5mm to the eye

The first regiment of these is due out in Feb.

Let us know what you think




Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks pretty nice. The armour and weapons are simple compaired to what many other people do, but it’s well executed.


looking very cool. Size comparisonshot to a normal dwarf would be nice though :stuck_out_tongue: not so good at remembering lil numbers which tell me how big mine are XD

keep us updated!

:hat off


This small guy looks very promising! :wink:

Perhaps a bit less static pose would be cool!

I’m eager to see the finished model(s)!



Wow very nice. A little small though.

Fabled Games:


the figure itself was done as test to see how the armour etc would look. There will be more active poses in the box set


Nice start, and can’t be much of a surprice that I like it :smiley:

Small…? Don’t think so. It’s very close to a stadard BfSP GW dwarf, so should be perfect for most of us.

- But he looks a bit too skinny (for my taste). Don’t have to be fat like GW ones - but I think he could benefit from a bit more volume to armes, legs and body.

And then shorten the scale armoured skirt, please. We wanna se his legs - and knees :wink:

Will they all have skullmasks? Really, hope you say ‘no’. Would really like to see other helmet head variants.

Gar Shadowfame:

very good evolution of 3rd ed theme of chaos dwarf i am keen to see the box in reasonable price,(read less than GW)


Looks nice- The axe looks a bit to simple tho…

Fabled Games:

very good evolution of 3rd ed theme of chaos dwarf i am keen to see the box in reasonable price,(read less than GW)

Gar Shadowfame

the box set of 20 will be 20 British pounds, which is around 35 USD

will incl a command group too.

the handgunners, great weapons a battery of three rocket launchers will be the same price each too.

Closer to release date I'll put together a deal for buying multiple sets etc.

If you sign up to the blog you'll get a 10% discount.


I would definitely beef him up quite a bit more… Dwarfs are supposed to be rotund and santa claus-esque in body girth.

He just seems kinda puny as it is… more like a Doom Gnome.

He’s just so ridiculously skinny for a dwarf…

Gar Shadowfame:

Thx for info Fabled Games, i am looking forward to the release date.

Fabled Games:

Cheers for the comments guys and gals.

As soon as we have more pictures to share I’ll let you know.

Kera foehunter:

Umm sweetie !!all those people are guys !!

but as one of the girls i think you did a hella great job!! he so cute

Fabled Games:


I’m new here so please forgive me :wink:

Kera foehunter:

Its ok !! Do you have plans to do a line of dwarfs figure beside the evil ones

Mr games

Fabled Games:

Maybe… But we’ve 10 plus box sets of the evil ones to finish off first :slight_smile:

Dead Kennedy:

Looks good! I like how it overall, the pose and posture strike me as natural too. It would rank up well.