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I need some help with fleshing out some rules for my Doom Engine.

Here’s what I have so far:

Chaos Dwarf Doom Engine - Grim Makaz Dawidrangi (Unyielding Weapon of Dwarf Slaying)

Cost: 400 Points

                 M    WS   BS   S    T    W    I    A    LD

Doom Engine     2D6   -    -    -    8    20   -    -    -

Pilot            -    4    3    3    -    -    2    2    9

Cannon crew x2   -    4    3    3    -    -    2    1    9

Furnace Master   -    4    3    3    -    -    2    1    9

Slave Ogre       -    3    2    4    -    -    2    3    7

Slave Rabble     -    3    3    3    -    -    3    3    7

Unit Size: One Doom Engine, four Chaos Dwarf crew, one Slave Ogre and five Slave Rabble.

The Doom Engine, including its Chaos Dwarf crew and slaves, is considered to be a single combined model. Hits and wounds are all directed against the Doom Engine.

Equipment (Crew)

Heavy Armour, Hand Weapon

Equipment (Slave Ogre)

Light Armour, Hand Weapon

Equipment (Slave Rabble)


Special Rules (Crew and any occupying Chaos Dwarfs)




To the Last Breath

To the Last Breath:

Doom Engines are held in such high regard within Chaos Dwarf society that going to war within such a behemoth is considered one of the greatest honours one can be bestowed. As such, if the occupants are forced to take a Break test (using the Pilot’s Leadership or that of a nearby Battle Standard Bearer or General) and they fail, one member of the crew is automatically removed as a casualty. Typically this is the Slave Ogre first, with the pilot being the last to be removed in such a manner (note that the Slave Rabble cannot be removed in this way). Forced removal of the pilot is generally the only means of stopping a Doom Engine aside from destroying it outright. The Doom Engine is far too complex a device to be piloted by just anyone. Once the crew and any remaining occupants have been routed or slain the Doom Engine is treated as a building once again. It loses all of its special rules and may not be operated by any other models.

Special Rules (Doom Engine)

Siege Tower: The Doom Engine is essentially a mobile building, and is treated as a building for all rules purposes except where modified below. This means that units can enter the Doom Engine as if it were a building, or assault it as if it were a building, and so on. It can be destroyed using the rules in the Warhammer rule book.

Movement: The Doom Engine can move in the Remaining Moves sub phase. Pivot the Doom Engine to face in any direction, and then move it straight forward 2D6". Should this bring the Doom Engine into contact with a unit or terrain feature, then it will stop. The Doom Engine may not move in the same turn it is occupied, and a unit inside may not exit in the same turn that the Doom Engine moves.

Doom Engine Troop Capacity: Unlike a normal building, which can only hold one unit of any size, the Doom Engine can accommodate two units or warmachines.

Doom Engine Cannons: Treated as a Stone Thrower. Uses the Black Powder warmachine misfire chart. Each Cannon is treated as an independent component with a single crew member. If one misfires it does not affect the second cannon or the Doom Engine.

Supporting Fire: Portals at the rear of the Doom Engine as well as on the roof and other small pin point spots afford several fireoints. As with normal buildings, models with ranged attacks, including warmachines, may use them, to a maximum of 10 attackers per floor, following the Fire Per Floor speical rule under Buildings and Shooting.

Arcane Furnace: Due to the unpredictable nature of the arcane furnace that powers the Doom Engine as well as the noxious fumes it produces the rear of the Doom Engine is relatively exposed so that it may be kept well ventilated and to provide the most expedient means of escape from the engine level should the arcane furnace ever attempt to consume the crew from within the Doom Engine! Because this area is exposed any template-based attack that successfully hits the doom engine may re-roll any failed to Wound rolls on the Doom Engine.

The Grinder: Should the Doom Engine move into contact with a unit (friend or foe and regardless whether the unit is to the front, rear or flank), it will inflict 2D6 S6 hits. The unit that has been attacked is then moved 1" directly away from the Doom Engine, so that it is no longer in contact with it. With the exception of buildings, obstacles moved into by the Doom Engine are destroyed and remvoed from play. Other terrain features, including buildings, stop the Doom Engine from moving, except where the terrain feature can be completely straddled beneath the wheel base of the Doom Engine, such that a feature such as a pit, river, lava, etc. is not touching the wheels. Use the height of terrain features and the space beneath the Doom Engine as a guide for what can be traversed in this manner. Aside from these exceptions, terrain features have no other effect on the Doom Engine. Any building or large structure that the Doom Engine comes into contact with suffers the same 2D6 S6 hits that a model or unit would suffer.

Assault Ramp: If the Doom Engine moves into contact with another building, then the unit inside the Doom Engine can assault the building. At the end of the assault, the Doom Engine must back away 1" from the building that was attacked. The assault ramp may also be left open while moving to allow any ranged troops from within to attach during the shooting phase, if they can do-so. As usual, during the assault a maximum of 10 models may be involved.

Fuel Cell: The terrible arcane furnace that powers the Doom Engine draws its power directly from the realm of Chaos. The inner workings of the arcane furnace are only known to a select few, and although it can operate wtihout added fuel, it has an insatibale hunger for flesh and souls. Wizards are a particular favourite! Once each turn one of the Slave Rabble housed in the fuel cell may be sacrificed. If the sacrifice is made the Doom Engine may add +1D3 to its movement the next time it moves. It is entirely possible to sacrifice one Slave Rabble each turn, building up the power of the furnace so that the Doom Engine can then add multiple D3 dice when it eventually moves! If both the Slave Ogre and Chaos Dwarf Furnace Master have been slain the arcane furnace can no longer be fed in this manner.

The Doom Engine counts as a Rare Choice in a Warriors of Chaos or Chaos Dwarf army.

… So the Doom Engine is effectively a mobile watchtower with T8 and 20 Wounds, with 2 cannons and able to hold up to two units in addition to its 5 Crew… worth 400 points? More, less?

Any suggestions, ideas or advice would be much appreciated!!



Just a small update to the above. I’ve modified some of the wording, rules and typos :stuck_out_tongue:


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