[Archive] Doomflayer WIP


A little something I’ve thrown together over the weekend.

Made mainly from a deffkopta, also some dwarf shields, some plastic rod, guitar string, old snotling pump wagon wheel and part of a plastic bell decoration.

I won’t be able to do a whole lot more for a few weeks, as I need the clanrats box (christmas present).

I’m also not entirely sure yet how best to fit two skaven on there, but I may have a cunning plan… I could splice two clanrats together (with two heads)!  They would fight nicely onto the seat I think.


Hmm, I have no idea what a doomflayer is so cant say much about it… Looks something like this. :slight_smile:


This looks really impressive Grim - hope to see more once you have modelled up the rider/pilot :slight_smile:


Great work Grim, looking forward to seeing it finished :slight_smile:


Hmm, I have no idea what a doomflayer is so cant say much about it...

It's one of the new skaven weapon teams. Basically an engine with a spinning ball of blades on the front.

Kera foehunter:

Looks great Grims could you give a list of parts you use


Cant wait to see it finished! I’d put a warlock engineer onto it!


Shots before undercoating


Full to the brim with awesome there Grim. I love this model! The rider on the side is just delicious!

The only thing I wonder is if it might be worth considering switching the three pronged choppy blades on the front to more stylised things that represent that old triangular Skaven symbol with sharpened edges? Then you can really have a skaven machine? I will sit in my darkened corner and await the finished painted version >slinks back into the shadows<


I probably will next time I get a clanrats box, and after these ones break off. :wink:

I am attempting to paint this with object source lighting, I’ll let you know how it comes out.


Are you going to add gore to it when its painted? GW has some nice guides how to make chunkie gore under ogre kingdoms!