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Hi guys, its been a while, just come back for some advice with a tournament list. The reason i’m asking for help is that I don’t play doubles often and I don’t know much about tournaments and how people are. The rules conform to normal doubles rules 750pts aside to create one 1500pts. I was going to use Ogres but found that CD are legal to use so…

So any advice and or changes on either list or tournament play would be helpful.

My partner is using Orcs & Goblins and his list sorta looks like this.

Black Orc Warboss w/those boots that add attack

2x 20 Night Gobbos w/shortbows and 2 fanatics in each

1x 15 Orc Boyz w/Boss

1x 15 Black Orc Boyz w/Full command and war banner

2x Bolt Throwers

My Ogre List was this

1x Bruiser w/great weapon, Wyrdstone necklace,Fistful of Laurels,Mawseeker

3xBulls w/AHW, Bellower


3xIronguts w/STD

8 Gnoblar Trappers

1x Gorger

My Chaos Dwarf list needs to somehow work with the O&G list, heres what I have thus far come up with.

1xChaos Dwarf Sorcerer w/Extra Level

1xChaos Dwarf Sorcerer

12x Blunderbusses

20x Chaos Dwarf Warriors w/Full Command

1x Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower

1x Earth shaker

4x 10 Hobgoblins

Any criticism welcome, also which would work better Orcs and Ogres or Orcs and CD?


For this to be meaningful - can you let me know what models you have available to use ? That way i can hopefully provide some help



I can convert/sculpt/buy anything within the given time period with help of red bull. thanks for helping fella!



Well he has the numbers covered with the 4 infantry blocks - plus he has 2 bolt throwers so you have some shooting which is good.

I would take 2 units of blunderbusses 14 with a standard - these will satisfy your core requirements and provide you with 2 nice units that can easily hold the flank against anythign fast and light - plus they make a good solid flanking force if required. - 362 points

Then i would plump for a unit of 6 Bull Centaurs with a warbanner and - these provide the list with heavy hitters with decent speed. - 156 points

2 level 2 sorcerers (1 in each blunderbuss unit) each with a dispel scroll give the list a decent magical offense / defense - 230 points

= 748 points

Gives you good support to his core list in the shape of shooting, magic and mobile heavy hitters

Hope that helps


Well, went to the doubles tourny in Wakefield and came 8th of 14.

We won the best painted army!

So didn’t go too bad.

The revolution of Chaos Dwarfs is coming haha.