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zorn sabretooth:

are gw bumping off dow the stopped selling the characters and the hobgoblins:h:mad


DoW are I much the same boat as Chaos Dwarfs. In the case of DoW its a long running problem. Mercenaries have ALWAYS been a problem with how to represent them in the rules, even as far back as 3rd.


Its a shame, there are a few good models in that range. It seems i got my Manflayers just in time.

I, for one, am saddened by GW’s recent apathy towards the past.

First it was the Chaos Dwarfs, then the paints and inks, and now this.


Ditto. The fact that they’re under Miscellaneous whilst the Sartosan range (all 3 of them) get a heading all of their own is another kick in the teeth.

On another note, how inept does a UK company have to be to not notice that its own online store is displaying all the prices as double what they are? (the cost in dollars but with pound signs?) Does nobody from GW ever look at it, it’s been like this for weeks.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Put simply, GW is strangling itself with its own belt of bad business practice…

Kera foehunter:

No they are working on a new listfor D.o.W .But it will be neck and neck with are list


Is a new D.o.W. list coming out? I loved the concept of this army. Band of mercenaries… right up my alley. May encourage me to start another army!

I think how they executed was poor, with tons of effort going towards individual units (Leopolds company for example). I wish they’d model the army around lots of diversity, like empire, but low LD (that you can raise by paying more, maybe 5pts per pt of leadership you want to raise it up to a maximum of 7 or 8).

I think the biggest issue with DoW and why I doubt they’re making a new list, is that they are too similar to Empire.


Could they maybe structure a new DoW list around models available for other armies, thereby removing the need for new models, no converting needed, maybe a limit on the number of similar units. Gets people to “buy into” an army that they already have at least one unit of and then maybe “buy into” another army because they bought a unit for DoW. It would be the ideal starter army, buy a bit of each until you decide which you like best. Better than the Empire with mostly-pikemen units of current DoW. The only problem I could see with it is army updates might make people expect the corresponding unit to also change.

Hmm, might start writing a mini-list for this and see if it would work.


Excellent idea Cornixt; it might be difficult with all the other books changing to have a balanced DoW book as you pointed out. But it’s the perfect idea for a lot of other people; a unit of this, a unit of that. Take very simple units of other armies, just core, and have DoW have their own rare choices and possibly specials. Everything to Orcs, Ogres, etc. Center the army around diversity at the expense of being a bit more expensive. Maybe make their heroes a bit weaker, and maximum leadership being 9 (8 for heroes).

It would be really fun to build an army like this. See some models you like? Buy them, add them to your mercenary force. I would like the focus on special characters and units to be scrapped though.


DoW as a concept isn’t going away IMHO its more of a case where GW is unsure just what to do them. They are units that can be added anywhere to any army. Its simply a case of GW needing to “get their ducks in a row” else where before tackling them, or us.