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I also play a dogs of war army because its also an unused list

and well I need advice on how to build it and I want it nemises crown ready I’ve alredy got

Paymaster 55pts

hirerling wizerd 60pts

marksmen of malingrove180pts

so I’ve got 295 well im a long way off but i can do it.

The Flying Beaver:

Start with a block or three of pikemen, they’re an amazing unit. More ranged units, be it crossbowmen or a RoR, is recommended. Paymaster’s bodyguard should be obvious. Take Oglah Khans Wolfboyz- you can use them as hobgoblin wolfriders in your Chaos Dwarf army. You could use chaos dwarf warriors as dwarfs too.

After that, throw in whatever you feel like. Cannons and hotpots are great, duelists come in handy too. Dogs of War are all about variety, so go crazy.

Lord Zarkov:

Take ROR pikemen; lots and lots of heros in pike blocks is good, especially the ItP ones.

I reccoment taking L2 & DSs for the wizard

The hotpot is fun, athough other things might be better

Asarnil is very hard, and only 1 Hero & 1 Rare, nice and easy in under 2K


Pikemen also have the advantage that you can use them in Warhammer Ancients :cheers


Hey guys I just made an army list


hireling wizerd 125pts/lvl2,sword of battle



12marksman of malingro200pts/

8vesparos vendetta155pts/


arsnel the dragon lord460pts


Is this a cheesy list or is it a stupid list.

The Flying Beaver:

Asarnil at 1000 points? Cheesy. I wouldn’t do that for fear of having my gaming club shun me.

Lord Zarkov:

Sword of battle is a waste on the wizard, much better on the paymaster if at all; also You really need a nice pike block; probably take out either the vendetta or the dragon for a ROR pike block, dropping the marksman to normal X-bows if required to get points; then you have a nice hard unit to put the paymaster in.

Bazhrakk the Cruel:

Althought Arsinel would dominate the game at that points level , it would probably be a boring game.

Like everyone else is saying, pikemen are the way to go. Also dont forget about the frenzied marauders and the dwarves you can get as well.


Well TFB my list is NOT cheese because it only contains 24 guy’s

plus it goes with my fluff and never go against your fluff.


Well TFB my list is NOT cheese because it only contains 24 guy's
I think he's saying that your list is cheesy because it has a dragon, rarely do you see a dragon in 2,000pts let alone 1,000pts.


Well TFB my list is NOT cheese because it only contains 24 guy's

Afraid I'd have to disagree with that. The only case where I could justify an army with only twenty four troops would be in an army where core troops were really expensive like Chaos. A dragon in 1,000pts is cheddar, full stop. Not only that, but its simply not a very good list. The dragon puts almost half your points and all your eggs in one large target basket. Anyone with much sense would simply fire all they had at your dragon, once that is dead or runs away, your army is more or less stuffed. Although tough, your dragon cannot take on an entire army by itself. This game is going to be a masacre one way or the other, depending on how Ansaril comes off, but it'll still b pretty dull.

I'd cut the dragon and invest in some of the awesome core choices in a DoW army. Pikemen are superb, you can take the mercenary units led by captains (which do not take up a character slot) or simply use those models in smaller games as standard pikes and spend the extra points on more troops. The Dwarfs and Braganza's besiegers are great as they are good in CC AND have a great shooting attack. Dwarfs with heavy armour, shield, crossbows and possibly great weapons are two units in one, and the heavy armour, pavises and full command including Braganza make the Besiegers more than competant in CC. If you have the points take the Venators as a really hard cavalry unit.