[Archive] Dragon Ogre rules?


A dispute came up between myself and another player recently. My dragon ogres charged in with their great weapons and promptly started dealing out S6 nastiness. My opponent complained they were cavalry and only got +1S for great weapons. I pointed out that they were monsters, not cavalry, as they weren’t mounted or on a 25x50 base. After all they are simply models with a high movement rate, like Yetis or an ogre with the longstrider big name, how many limbs they have is neither here nor there. Was I correct in my interpretation?

Lord Zarkov:

Yep, you were.


Yep, they are monsters not cavalry. It really points out how poorly written the mounted/cavalry rules are and how inconsistantly they apply at the moment.


you were both wrong. your dragon ogres should have been dealing out str 7 nastiness as they are str 5 base:cheers


Sorry, typo. My bad - I don’t know BoC stats off by heart like I do HoC