[Archive] dragoncrag's dark dwarf diorama diary


Hi, I’ve been collecting Chaos Dwarfs for 18 months now, and almost have the figures I need to start an army. I have stripped the painted figures and undercoated the rest. I want to make a diorama that incorporates the army so I can put it on show when I’m not using it.
I have a few issues because of numbness in my hands so I want to magnetize all the bases. I’m going to put unit sized 304 stainless steel plates in the diorama to hold the figures. I have worked out base setup for units and numbered the bottoms. I want to put them into the scenery and paint and flock the bases as if it is part of the diorama, then remove them fit the figures to them and paint them. I have movement trays which later can be painted to match the unit, so everything will end up being matched. So today is d-day, or should that be dddd-day, I’m not sure ? Any thoughts that you think could help would be greatly appreciated, many thanks, dragoncrag


Heya - sounds like quite the project you have going there, I hope it goes well for you. I haven’t been brave enough to try anything like that myself, but I did find a tutorial that might be of some help - I hope this link works Necrotales -- Painted Miniatures, Galleries & Tutorials

Best of luck with that! :smiley: