[Archive] Dread Quake Mortar play use


This thread should not be confused with the other one about making a mortar.  So far that has come along nicely and thats for the other thread.  This one is for a few things I have come to notice in game play.
Engineers are insane.  Get to reroll either a scatter or arty die.  For longest time I thought it was just arty.  Being able to reroll either one is just insane.

The quake rule is insane, combined with ash storm, it literally locks a unit in place.  This piece of kit makes it very handy for a army that is often out numbered not just in body count but in units as well.

Side note I finally got a chance to go against Bret’s tonight, and despite his trebeuchias hitting square on and killing Ol #7 and wiping out half the blunder busses plus killing the bsb with a dwellers.  I was able to magic his units down and killed out just about all his rank and file knights with the mortar plus snipping his lvl 4 mage.  Unit ran out of rank and file models.

Long story short I rained murder on his units.

PS AshStorm is by far the best damn spell in the game, it does everything but make you a ham sammwhich(for all I know it does that as well).


I found out this weekend the best way to really screw someone up is to use the dread quake and ashstorm on seperate units, this really messes up hoard units as they need to take two BIG dangerous terrain test. I was never sold on the dreadquake until this weekend, when I saw what it could do.

And yes Ashstorm IS AMAZING

Da Crusha:

use the low level wizard with flaming cage and make it a triple threat. add a lammasu with shadow and take miasma to lower M value.

btw I tried this before (without lammasu) with a lot of war machines with LoA and the RH list slowed the enemy much better.


Problem is my budget is blown to make the lvl 1 fire mage into a lvl 2. I would love to be able to add flame cage but thats going to be hard.