[Archive] Dreadball Extreme: Cons better than Kalyshi?


Last night I played three games of Dreadball Extreme with a friend of mine. We only had the standard boxgame at hand. I’ve played two games against myself to get the rules down first and be better prepared to teach others.

Very nice and quick game. Game number three was hectic, intense and done in just under an hour. I really like that. Even our quickest Bloodbowl games usually just over an hour.

My friend played the Cons (prisoners) and had the following team:

2 Thugs, 1 Guard Robot, 3 Cons, 3 Runners

I played with the kalyshi team:

1 space boar, 4 jacks, 3 strikers (for 2 games)

1 treebeast, 1 nameless, 4 jacks, 2 strikers (for the last game).

1st game:

Played without cards, training dice, fan checks and sponsors.

At the end of the match I had 4 players left (2 jacks, 2 strikers), but had scored 2 dunks during the game. However in the last turn the Cons made a throw for 3 points. Cons Win. They weren’t even injured once.

2nd game:

We added sabotage, special move cards and coaching dice. No sponsor.

Managed to score 3 points, but the cons made 3 points late in the game. So we went into sudden death. I had 3 jacks and 2 strikers left when sudden death hit. Strikers was removed. Cons killed me off fast. Cons win. Not even injured once.

3rd game:

Cards and fan checks allowed. No sponsor.

Game board 6. 0 points were scored by the end of turn 14. Sudden death again. Had 3 kalyshi jacks left at the time. Was kill off quickly again. Did managed to hurt a con jack this time (didn’t kill him).

Cons made a total of 5 fan checks during the game - kalyshi made none.


I don’t know anyone who does. Well actually come to think of it I might know one around here he was into something through kickstarter. But have never seen it


If you like bloodball I suggest giving Dreadball Extreme a go. It was quite a fun game and works well out of the bocks. There’s a free players manual - so you can bassically use alle miniatures from your collection in the games without any fuzz.


I only have regular DB up to season 3 and Ultimate… and I love that game (for the game, not the miniatures).

However, the newer rules and extreme are unknown to me, so I’m afraid I can’t be much of a help.


Dreadball Extreme has a few diffenrences from Dreadball.

There’s a lot of explosive traps on the field.

You have only 4 activation tokens, not 5 (reason being the players ain’t pros and doesn’t work as well as a team).

You start with 4 players on the field, but there is no maximum number after that.

Players don’t leave the pitch when hurt. They either get better over time or bleed out on the floor.

Besides the Special Moves cards there’s Sabotage Cards. Weapons, traps, shanks, riot foam, drugs etc.

I quick and bloody. And in a campaign setting only the trainer/sponsor improves. The players die to quickly, so they are always standard.


I played DreadBall for a while, and I kinda enjoyed it for a while, bought six teams; but it gradually became clear that the balance between teams was just horrible, and our gaming group gradually drifted away to other things. It’s not like I’ve sworn a blood oath never to play it again, or anything; I just don’t really have any particular interest in doing so.

I’ve not played DB Extreme, but it does not surprise me at all to learn that there may be balance issues. In fact, I’d be more surprised to learn that they got the balance right this time. They don’t seem to know how to, or consider it very important to find out.


I think the mix matched teams of DBX is a fantastic thing. Having lots of (too many) Deadzone miniature coming, I’ll chop the weapons of a lot of them and make me some extra players for Dreadball Extreme. However I can’t seem to remember the sponsor traits and flipping thoough the DBX: Player Manual takes time.

So to make it easier for myself (and friends coming over for quick plays), I’ve made some Sponsor Cards. A simple card of The Warden and Blaine ready to be printed. It’s standard poker playing card size, so it’ll fit into standard card sleeves. Just fold it on the middle to get a nice back on the card as well.

When I buy the other sponsors for DBX I’ll make some cards for those as well.

PDF can be downloaded from the following url: https://goo.gl/jbeoS9

Or simply CLICK HERE

And here are the cards (not sure if size is right on the forum, so download the pdf for print).