[Archive] Druchii in Lustria


I’ve been busy with school mostly lately, so yeah… I haven’t been posting lately.

However I will show off what I have been painting (until recently when the busy part of the semester started).

Dark Elves invading Lustria

Yeah, I like the image of them attacking Lustria and fighting Lizardmen. So I went with the theme.

Some credit belongs to Servius, he provided the rocks under the Dark Riders… though I painted them and did the moss effect.


So, this is basically jungle based DEs? Are you planning on conversions involving the lizardmen? Captured trophies, etc? Or just a straight army specifically tailored against Lizardmen?

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Looks good. Are you going to paint logos on the blue banners?

Kera foehunter:

nice dark green elves :0 they look great

it would be cool if get a thin elf type banner made out of a lizzard man skin

* make it out green stuff or platic card and have it attach to the pole by the head of the lizzardman *

can’t wait to see the whole group


Although it heats up even MY cold blood to see these heathen warmbloods entering my domain…i must syat they look quite cool! :stuck_out_tongue:

What i suggest…maybe get the new corsairs, but make thier cloaks of saurus or skink hide, rather than whatever they are supposed to be. Stick a saurus head on one of their shoulders, and join it to the cloak to get across the effect :cheers

- Warplock


WarplockMonkey: Thanks for the idea, I was wondering how I was going to tie the fighting Lizardmen part in.

GRNDL: Fighting Lizardmen is Lustria is the theme. Probably some more foliage will be seen.

I will probably have impaled Saurus heads on banner tops, because there’s one Saurus head with the tongue hanging out which would work just right. ducks

It’s hard to tell, but I did put 'ardcoat on the armor to make it look shiny. Like the armor is (can’t think of the word).


I finished this block over the weekend. The all male block.

I’ll get pictures of the finished block soon!

Next: All female warrior block or some repeater crossbows.

Kera foehunter:

they are cool swiss i love the colors


2nd Warrior unit (all female). I have one warrior unit that is all male, and a second that is all female.

Up next: Shades and/or Black Guard. I need to get some metal bases for the shades so I can make use of my magnetic storage system (and to give them a little extra weight to the bases).

My goal is to have much of the army done as I can when I move out of the dorms, with my history degree!

Kera foehunter:

how come they don’t sport the swiss flag???

they are you army


how come they don't sport the swiss flag???
they are you army

Kera foehunter
...or the swiss guard, I want to se you make an Empire army looking like these! :)


Really good idea, using part of the saurus bodies as standard and helm is brilliant :slight_smile:

But I don’t see any hydra… planning to have one? I was trying to imagine if it would have been possible to convert the stegadon :idea