[Archive] Dwarf 'counts as' Chaos Dwarf army


The idea here is to present a proper variant list for use with 7th ed Dwarfs.��No complicated rules, just a simple look at varying the list itself.

I thought it would be helpful to write up a list properly.��This could be useful because of something else I have in mind…

Hypothetically if we were to be part of an intersite campaign (like HoC V Daemonic Legions V BoC V CD), it would be hard for us CD players to make much of an impact.��There being too few of us compared to the players of the other races.��Added to that it would be very hard for the players of other races to find CD players to fight.


So an idea I had was to utilise the Dwarf list, effectively bringing in hundreds of Dwarf players to fight as Chaos Dwarfs.��This would mean with their help we could stand our corner and maybe win!

All they would need to do to fight is to theme their army selection to a single list that everyone had access to.

Having already gone through the list myself, I think it would be possible to utilise everything the Dwarf list as something CD themed.��It may be people are thinking ‘why not just use the Dwarf list as is??’, but this would effectively mean fighting as a Dwarf army, using all their strengths in things that are outside of the Ravening Hordes list.��Basically things that would be nice to include, but would not have the ‘feel’ of a Chaos Dwarf army.��For instance taking Rangers or Miners, where we don’t normally have access to these sorts of troops.��Trying to make the list they would use, and the list we would use fairly even.

So what I have tried to do is modify the existing Dwarf list to try and bring through the CD theme, whilst attempting to keep it competative.

Certain things may seem a little odd, like allowing Hammerers but not the Anvil, but that’s why I need feedback :wink:


What follows is a variant list based on 7th ed Warhammer Armies: Dwarfs.��As it is just a themed version of the current book it does not require your opponents consent.

The rules, profiles, points cost and options for all entries are as listed in the book, except where otherwise noted below.��The criteria for selecting an army; minimum core units, maximum heroes etc is the same.


Dwarf Lord - Chaos Dwarf Lord

- May not choose a crossbow

- May not be carried into battle by Shieldbearers.

Runelord - Sorcerer Lord

- May not take an Anvil of Doom to battle.

Daemon Slayer - n/a

- May not be taken


Thane - Chaos Dwarf Hero - Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer

- May not choose a crossbow

Runesmith - Sorcerer

Master Engineer - Arcane Engineer

Dragon Slayer - n/a

- May not be taken


Dwarf Warriors - Chaos Dwarf Warriors

- May be upgraded to Longbeards

Thunderers - Blunderbussers

Quarrellers - n/a

- May not be taken

Rangers - n/a

- May not be taken


Hammerers - Hashut’s Chosen

Ironbreakers - Immortals

Bolt Thrower - Bolt Thrower

Cannon - Death Rocket

Grudge Thrower - Earthshaker

Slayers - n/a

- May not be taken

Miners - n/a

- May not be taken


Flame Cannon - Hellcannon

Organ Gun - n/a

- May not be taken

Gyrocopter - n/a

- May not be taken

Dogs of War

Rules for DOW are available here.��Note that you would not need to use the models themselves, just any suitable stand in cavalry models.

Bull Centaurs themed

- Suggested units are DOW Heavy Cavalry or Voland’s Venators.

Wolf Riders themed

- Suggested units are DOW Light Cavalry or Al Muktar’s Desert Dogs.

Various types of Slave Ogres

- Ogre Bulls (1 rare choice)

- Ironguts (1 rare choice)

- Leadbelchers (1 rare choice)

- Maneaters (2 rare choice)

Let me know what you think.


I really like the list i intend to use counts as for the UK tournie next year.I will convert a Gyrocopter and anvil(cd cauldron) for this purpose .The artillary choices look about right but i was thinking of using mortar or swivel gun in there somewhere from 3rd ed:hat


nice alt list

Kera foehunter:

what about longbeards???

Uzkul Werit:

In Intersite Campaigns, we have more impact than some races. In Sands of War there are literally no Ogres.


what about longbeards???????

Kera foehunter
Do you think they should be included as an option?

I think they should, partly to reflect that they are a part of most Dwarf armies these days, mainly because old CD warriors could get represented.

Kera foehunter:

Well yes just like you guys (the old vets )You all teach us the lessions of the C D . and when we do something wronge you all say see i told you so!!! so i say yes to the vetern longbeads or the (Grumblers)


Yes i like the idea of longbeards(3rd ed) minis there for me:hat


I would allow lords and sorcerer lords to take shield bearers and the anvil respectively, partly because of cool conversions like Wilmark’s thronebearers and such, and partly because it’d be a bit odd sorcerer lords not being able to do magic. Simply think of it as the law of shadows

Kera foehunter:

With all the crazy chaos dwarfs there should be a doomslayer too.


3rd ed scantily dressed renegades etc for slayers:hat


I think slayers of all sorts could fit in the army - as crazed Hashut worshippers…

Like I suggested in another thread, you could use DoW Duelists as either Hobgoblins or as Slaves.