[Archive] Dwarf Lord of Chaos miniature - by Felix Paniagua of Avatars of War


For the meagre price of 9,95�,� you can have one of the finest evil dwarf models ever sculpted! Head on over to the Avatars of War Shop and order one (or two, Sorcerer conversion anyone? I myself just ordered a pair!) of these excellent Heroes and lead your forces to victory!

If you are curious how this model came to be, be sure to check out the Avatars of War Forum! It’s actually a pretty interesting process. Also, check out the news post if you want to leave feedback for Felix and tell him what a good job he did!

Today is a good day for the Sons of Hashut! Show your support for all things dwarfy and evil!

~Xander :mask

Ghrask Dragh:

Certainly worthy of website news!

Amazing miniature, hope to see our galleries full of them very soon :cheers


I might order him when I finshed al my current projects :stuck_out_tongue:


I´m also going to get him ASAP, no doubt about it. Really like how Felix have listened to all the suggestions the members gave him.


He’s a bit cool really :cheers


If people do get this mini please send me a PM telling me how many they ordered. I want to try and track some statistics. =)


Hashut’s Blessing:

When I have more urge to do anything and get some more of my suddenly triplicated mound of WH done, I’ll buy him. Was going to say i can’t spend over £8 on a model, but I have a little money left over this term, somehow.

Thommy H:

Yeah, that’s pretty pricey. I think this one will have to be a Christmas gift.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I’d say it’s not as pricey as GW models because they’re about the same price, but this is better detailed. Although, I guess that’s more to do with value than with price, technically :wink:


Need one! Damn, this guy is nice :slight_smile:

Thommy H:

Well I don’t buy GW models direct anyway. £8.30 is too much for one figure, however detailed it is.


The difference here is that the model is of a style that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s a new age Chaos Dwarf! That’s worth the price of admission to me. I also feel like I am supporting the cause by buying the model. It shows that people are willing to spend money on this faction of fantasy people. Plus, I begged Felix to make one enough times. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thommy H:

No no, I agree. I’ll buy it (or at least have it bought for me) because it’s the only thing out there like this. Kev White did drunkenly boast he’d make a better one on the Frothers Unite forum though, so maybe we’ll see…

Hashut’s Blessing:

God idea: mum’s been pestering me for Christmas present ideas… I’ll ask for a couple (one for CDs and one for normal Dwarfs as it looks cool and shouldn’t be too difficult to fit my colour scheme :wink: )…


I might… have bought one. But then I might have bought a few other non-CD models from his site too. :stuck_out_tongue:

re: 9 Euros is too expensive for a single model?

/shrug If its a good model, its a good model and worth the price. Most of the single models I buy, GW wise, are around that price ($17-18 Cdn), so I don’t mind supporting smaller companies by paying more. Its a good model and a one off - I’m not going to be buying entire units of them, so to me, its worth it.


He really turned out so nice. I have been waiting for this model for a long time and I’ll buy at least one - but I’ll buy it from my ‘local’ games store. They sell the Arena DeathMatch rulebook and all the models (when the book is out next week) - think I’ll surport that. I’ll probably have to pay a bit more than £8 for it - though!


Lol, very nice and detailed! You can spend a few time watching every detail. :hat off

Also the Dwarf thunderlord is very cool and evil enough to be used for our evil dwarfs. He needs just an evil painting job.


He can even have a pipe!!! :hashut



That really is a nice figure with some crazy detail - almost too much detail at times (although I think I love the imp I might be able to see by his left leg). His goblin king sat on my shelf primed for weeks as every time I looked at it and saw the level of detail on the sculpt I kept thinking ‘that’ll take an age to paint’. Think his one might be similar.

Hasn’t stopped me just ordering one of course. And the direwolf - I think it’s about time my (hob)goblin bosses travelled in style rather than on those circa '92 plastic wolves that GW peddle.


That is such a cool model and well worth the money , hopw this will show GW how cool CD can look :hat


I’ll eventually will buy it when I order the whole lot at one go…