[Archive] Dwarf Lord of Chaos miniature - by Felix Paniagua of Avatars of War


I love the detail on it. I think it’s an absolutely beautiful model.

and Thommy, I like where your head’s at. put it on the Christmas wish list and have someone else buy it for you!


At some point I might by it, 9.95 Euros thou for one model?


At some point I might by it, 9.95 Euros thou for one model?

About what GW charges really, or any of the high quality smaller companies in Europe.

You are all spoiled rotten with low low prices on minis over there I say. Spoiled rotten!


Don’t get me wrong I’ll be buying one I just wanted to grumble!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Willmark, Dark Lords of the Sith just smoosh, no grumbling allowed :wink: Even the 65 year old Dooku didn’t grumble :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m waiting for mine :wink: Just 3 days to go :stuck_out_tongue:


They don’t make Sith like they used to… /sigh

This somehow reminds me of Robot Chicken…


Okay, I just saw this pic of the painted mini, and damn it’s good! I already own one (still have to paint it :P), but I guess many will like to see such a splendid pic of it.

Arena Deathmatch

Thommy H:

Mine was up first :stuck_out_tongue: