[Archive] Dwarf Miner to Chaos Dwarf Warrior Tutorial

Hashut’s Blessing:

This is a video tutorial depicting how to convert a Dwarf Miner into a Chaos Dwarf Warrior with big hat and great weapon. Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed, questions are accepted and answered and requests for future tutorials (which shall be better performed and have better lighting etc) will be considered. Thank you.

A few notes:

Please excuse the two blips in the audio (it randomly gets louder for about three words and there are one or two places were words are cut off slightly for some reason). I wish some of the video was actually clearer, but this is the clearest footage I have. When I next make one of these models, I shall try to take pictures along the way and write a tutorial :stuck_out_tongue: I’m still working on a transcript for the actual footage which I shall add later. Without further ado: Here it is! That’s right, I’ve finally managed to get my Chaos Dwarf Warrior from a Dwarf Miner tutorial posted :smiley:


A couple of things made me chuckle, probably not a good thing.  Stippling the sausage and having a sausage stuck on the side of his face.  :hat off

It is interesting seeing how people do similar conversions in different ways.

A trick I found was to put a small bit of greenstuff under the belly on the legs, it helps stop the beard dipping in underneath and makes it hang down more naturally.

Seeing as you seem to be good at editing the videos, it may be an idea to stop after each stage and take a close up photo, then edit this in as a still shot in the video whilst you carry on talking.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Well, I’m glad they made you chuckle :wink: Hope it still got the idea across :smiley:

That’s a good tip. I’ll stick that into the pictoral turorial (with credit of course), if that’s alright?

I try to be :wink: I will certainly edit in some pictures when I next make one of these. I may refilm the whole thing so as to get a better image quality and a less rushed model.

Thanks for the comments :wink:

Also, in regards to you saying about the different methods of converting: I was simply trying to provide the community with the option to try another one. It’s not to compete with the likes of Xander (the primary tutorial for CDs :smiley: ), but to trundle alongside it to give people options. I think some of my methods (such as the beard) are for less experienced/confident users of greenstuff, but also give people pause for thought as they can always use the skillful parts of Xander’s with the cosmetics (e.g. hat) of mine and whatnot. I feel really unclear with my words today :stuck_out_tongue:


Very effective and simpler than I first thougth that it would be, I migth actualy get me some of them and give ti a whirl now.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent to hear that it’s both effective and simpler than you thought it would be :smiley: Inspiration FTW :stuck_out_tongue: Let me see some pics if you do decide to make some of these :stuck_out_tongue: