[Archive] dwarf miners rules

richard barby:

with there tunneling rules do they have to come in from a table edge or can they come in from inside the table like a scorpion ?


they always enter from the (any) table edge (AB Dwarfs p.36)

richard barby:

thanks mate

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richard barby:

i have dwarfs first up im a 2 day tournie this weekend i guess i will have to put my self in the middle of the table

another question can you use the anvil if its in combat can it be used to do other things like move units around. im assumeing its like a war machine it cant if its busy fighting


p31 no it cannot strike runes when runesmith or guards are in cc



They (spoken in a dismissive tone of voice) also have to be 6" away from the nearest enemy unit (meaning you), so it depends on what you are playing with. If you can spread cheap units across the back board that don’t move to deny them a rear attack at least. With orcs and goblins, especially in a big game, I can do that (unless the shites squabble) but other armies I wouldn’t know.

Most dwarf opponents always seem to heavy mix of shootie backed up other troops and of course don’t move much. The gamble is do you bank on that?

How is it going now, in the land of the long white cloud?

richard barby:

thanks for the updates i know the gist of the list im playing

its anvil with rune lord

bsb with gromnil armour and rune of might

5 big ass blocks of troops one each of the following





miners all have great wepions

organ gun and a cannon

we are playing the diagonal deplayment mission with units off the bored on a roll of a 1