[Archive] Dwarfs (and warriors) of Nurgle


So heres the first couple of pictures I have of stuff thats close to done. I wanted to make a Tamurkhan style list, but I wanted all my dwarf units to be Nurgly too. For my warrior units, even things that aren’t Nurgle (Skullcrushers etc.) are going to have all iconography removed, and dedicated to Nurgle. Anyways tell me what you think so far. My painting and greenstuff skills are low but getting better lol.

Rot Knight wip

Chaos Dwarf wip

Daemon prince of Nurgle

Manticore (just a few things didnt wanna overdo it)

So right now I have 3 rot knights painted to about the same point as the one in the picture, 20 dwarfs at the same progress as this one, and the test chaos knights need to be stripped so I can redo them. Also have a Nurgle sorcerer conversion that needs to be stripped (too heavy on the primer). Feedback welcome guys thanks


This is looking interesting, will follow the thread. But…
unfocused pics are a privilege only granted to Chico, so please!
I have the feeling thoses models could look soooo much better with cool pics.


I know, they’re pretty rough. Once I get something along the lines of a full unit or characters or something I’ll make sure the shots are actually good lol. Thanks for looking!


Looking god so far, I will follow this thread…


So I managed to pretty much finish the manticore, here are some pics (hopefully better quality, although I’ll admit, I put barely more effort into them. I need to get a lightbox at some point), and started work on the Daemon Prince.


In hindsight I definitely should have filled those gaps on the manticore…ugh lol


Excepting the gaps…much better pics and a cool paintjob. Very promising.

Kera foehunter:

In hindsight I definitely should have filled those gaps on the manticore......ugh lol

Life like that hun.. it happens the most when you spend a lot of time painting it just to get Finished and say ooooooooooooooooo something


Yeah I mean I can always go back and fix it at a later date lol. I’m glad it’s all painted though anyways


I like it dude, nice work!


Nice start, though imo the skullcrusher rider could do with a wash of green or brown (or both in places).

The jugger itself would benefit from a wash of black at the edges of details to increase the contrast. Maybe a wash all over actually.


I see what you mean. I wouldn’t do another allover wash because the rider has had black x1 and brown x2, the jugg black x1 brown x2 green x1 lol. maybe like you said along the edges. Oh, also dunno if this makes a difference but I’m planning on painting the trim of the jugg and stuff with bronze maybe, so it isn’t going to be all the same colour. That should help


Ok so I’ve got some things finished (everything except bases, which I’m saving til last and do em all at once). Daemon prince, I finally managed to finish 30 plagubearers, I’m only showing one for now, I’ll get a group shot once I have more stuff finished. And my converted BSB that is maybe gonna see some paint today.

Kera foehunter:

I have to say , you do know how to make gross into a fine art .

good old Mr. Wilson.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I like the nurgle theme but everything is just kind of…green. Boils and puss and dead flesh and mutations are great. But everything is all green. Too much green!


where the bsb banner comes from??


@Kera, thanks I’ll take that as a compliment lol.

@Grimbold yeah, right now I’ve just been doing the more daemon-y type units, they all have pretty much the same skin scheme, but once all my mortal units are finished it wont be such a huge wave of green, the mortals have barely any except random mutations.

@babis the banner is from the marauder horsemen I think… I have a whole lot of sprues, I’m pretty sure that’s the one lol


I hates nurgle. i get to deal with puss and puke and stuff for my work and thats enough for me. Nice work though I have to admit.

Goltor Lintrepide:


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Smooth man, smooth! great job!