[Archive] Dwarfs or Dwarves: which do you prefer


When you turn the word “Dwarf” into it’s plural form, which word do you use:��Dwarfs or Dwarves.

Personally, I kind of think that since scarf becomes scarves and wharf becomes wharves it seems reasonable to have Dwarves.

However, most people seem to use Dwarfs (possible because that is what GW themselves do).



Well, regardless of what GW does, “dwarfs” is the correct English

Kera foehunter:

She dwarf or dwarfett, goddess thats what you call a female chaos dwarf.I think it (hey you )is the proper way to call a male chaos dwarf.But if there more than one i just add a s


Dwarves has always sounded better to me (thanks to Tolkien)!


I always write Dwarves. When I was younger someone corrected me but Dwarfs always sounded cooler. If dwarfs is the correct term I now have something to hold over my family gramma natzi. Most of the books I read use Dwarves though (pob Tolkiens influence on them too). Go Dwarfs


Tolkein purposely made up words and spellings regarding elves and dwarfs, and got annoyed when the publishers would correct them. I think that “dwarves” has made it into some dictionaries now


Dwarves has always sounded better to me (thanks to Tolkien)!

I agree. Dwarves for me.


dwarves for me. dwarfs is for little people, dwarves is for stunties.


Regardless of phonetics, Dwarfs it shall be!


15 votes so far & its a 3 way tie!!


15 votes so far & its a 3 way tie!!

Yes, an even split amongst the 3 options.

Thanks guys, that really helped clarify things for me :rolleyes:


dawi it is then!

Pyro Stick:

Hmm this is tricky. Dwarves looks and sounds cooler, Dwarfs is what i would write without thinking and therefore who cares?


I prefer Dwarfs myself, though I would use Dwarven for certain things ‘dwarven steel’ etc.


I think Dwarves sounds cooler but Dwarfs is so much easier to spell:~

Hashut’s Blessing:

I know it’s dwarfs in proper English, but I prefer to use the distinction as dwarfs are people suffering from dwarfism and dwarves are bearded fantasy beings. However, on this board, I’ve started using Chaos Dwarfs because of the spelling GW uses. Oh well!


Dwarves has always sounded better to me (thanks to Tolkien)!

Here Here! :hat


I think I just split it in favoour of Dwarfs again.

The background to this is simple. The post-Johnson spelling of the word in reference to the mythical fantasy type creatures (not the vertically challenged people - I don’t know about that one) was always Dwarfs until a certain J.R.R. Tolkein turned up and named the stumpy bearded individuals in his stories Dwarves. Since then there have been many dictionaries which have taken up Tolkein’s spelling. As far as I am aware the OED still uses Dwarfs though I could be mistaken in this one. To summerise:

Tolkein = Dwarves

Other fantasy/mythology = Dwarfs

Little humans = Midgits


i beleive that forgotten realms also uses dwarves. i know salvatore calls them powries in his world of corona, and duglass niles calls them diggers in dalethica.


id always use dwarves (in a fantasy term) in the same way you wouldnt have elfs, it would be elves. Its not really too big a deal i suppose. dwarfen steel or dwarven steel, neither word actually in the english language. i suppose because its a fantasy term the fact of correct english doesnt really count for anything.