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Im VERY interested in a Chaos Dwarf army. I can’t wait 2 years and wait around hoping the rumors of a Chaos Dwarf release are true. I also don’t have a spare $1,000 (or 2!!) to buy old OOP models.

The new Dwarf plastic are 2 main pieces, the front/head/beard and the back/main body. I was wondering if you could possibly just use the back Dwarf piece, attach a Chaos warior helm/head, and then sculpt a beard with greenstuff & fill the gaps. Im not sure if thats what IMAHOBGOBLIN did or not…I’ll have to ask. It seems like he just sawed off the top part of the Dwarf head.

I guess I’ll have to stop off at my local shop, pick up some supplies & experiment myself.

I plan on using the regular Dwarf list “counts as”. Blunderbusses are Thunderers, Sorcerers are Runesmiths,etc,etc.

Has anyone tried the idea I mentioned??

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My DEEPEST apologies. I just realized this is in the wrong place. There are 2 different forums, one for actual conversions, and one for ideas. My apology to the Mods.

Pyro Stick:

I dont know if anyone hs tried it. Probably. Check here though:



the way i am doing mine is chopping the heads off and attaching a skull, shaving the beards and adding a beard, and sculpting scale main over the chain. it’s fairly easy and i think effective. if i had a camera id post some pics.


There are also the miner plastics which give you bare arms, but a problem on the blunderbussers (unless you fancy a fair bit of converting) :wink:

The warrior heads can be effective, and a lot quicker than sculpting masks/ building hats.

So it’s probably worth taking time to decide what look you are going for, and whats the easiest/ quickest way to get there.��Looking perhaps at the army as a whole; background, units to be included, army themes etc.

Thats the problem with Chaos Dwarfs.��Because there isn’t a defined look for them its easy to get stuck building loads of concept models of things trying to come up with a design you like.��Or waiting until you hit upon the ideal design and not having much of an army for ages.

Then when you do get a good idea it still takes loads of work because you have to sculpt/ convert pretty much every model in the army.


Lord Zarkov has the kind of thing Im looking for! Thanks!

Anyplace with a good/easy way to make those curly beards??


Check out this thread for ‘counts as’ ideas.


For beards Xanders guide is a good place to start. Infact most of the threads here would be good for ideas:




check out xanders vid on converting skull pass dwarves. that is the basic idea im using for my beards.

Pyro Stick:

Xander has some videos on youtube that you might find useful. Try and look them up. if you do a simple search on this site you are sure to find the links.


Any info on making molds/casting for personal use? (like Ishkur)

Kera foehunter:

Since i also have a dwarf army and a ton of bits i stayed away form the 6.5 and newer dwarfs

im still using the 6 add . There are a lot of part than can be trade from other groups .

Like the leggs or the dwarf add a chaos marauder chest also scale back the marauder arms and shields and chaos warrior hemet and grenn stuff beard. Not trying to add to your woes

but you might already have some of this.