[Archive] DZ ambushed by Empire Gunline


My lords, I regret to report that my army was beaten by an Empire gunline. A solid victory victory against the Dawi Zharr. may I offer my first-born as a sacrifice to Hashut!

I fielded a “take all comers” army rather than tailoring my list to fight empire. Also tried to minimise cheese. So 4 only boltthrowers, 1 only earthshaker, 8 levels of magic, I thought that was pushing war machines and magic as far as I could.

My army was pretty close to the following:

Sorcerer Lord Level 4, -General- Staff of sorcery, Power Stone x 2,Lore of metal

Chaos Dwarf Hero -Battle Standard Bearer-, Sword of Might20, Armour of Gazrakh30,

Sorcerer65 Level235; Dispell Scroll25, Power Stone25, Lore of Shadows

Sorcerer65 Level235; Power Stone25, Lore of Fire

Chaos Dwarf Warriors x 20: Musician, Standard, Champion, Banner of Slavery,

Blunderbusseers12 x 15:

Blunderbusseers12 x 15:

Hobgoblins with Light Armour1 & Shields1 x 20: Musician10, Standard10,

Hobgoblins with Light Armour1 & Shields1 x 20: Musician10, Standard10,

Hobgoblins x 10

Hobgoblins x 10

Hobgoblins x 10

Hobgoblins x 10

Orc Arrer Boyz x 10, musician

Orcs with Shields x 22: Musician, Standard,

Boltthrower x 4


Bull Centaurs Heavy Armour x 6: Champ. Std with War Banner

He had:

Lord with armour of meteoric Iron and Wyrmseeker Sd.

Wizard L2, 2xDispell Scrolls

Captain BSB with Griffon Banner

Warrior Priest with Heavy Armour and Shield

militia x 10

Halberds x20 full command -WP

swords x 25 full command - BSB

Swords x 22 full command

handgunners x 10 hochland -Wiz

handgunners x 10 hochland

handgunners x 10


21 pikemen

5 pistoleers inc champ with repeater.

20 greatswords full cmd -Gen

hell blaster


OK, so thats 41 shots per turn,including 2 hochlands, then add the Hellblaster, cannon and hellstorm. To add insult to injury, he borrowed one of my death rockets to use as a hellstorm!

Board was divided by terrain into 3 corridors.

I had both BB and the Arrer Boyz on the L flank, CD and 2 big HG units in the centre, and BC and Orks on the R Flank, with the hobgoblin screens in front.

He had Pistoleers, militia, smaller Sword unit, HGuns, HGuns&Wiz, Greatswords (with Big Sword unit behind them), Pikes, Halberds Then a hill with HGuns and war machines in that order, MY L to Right


T1 - I moved foward,on the theory that he had more firepower than me, and therefore I would have to. Well, ok I just can’t help taking the offensive. I probably could have stayed out of range of his handgunners and forced him to move them foward in T1, depriving him of one turn of shooting, and forcing his handgunners to move out of cover (boulders) I moved one BB unit towards the centre. The Earthshaker took a shot at the warmachines on the hill, missed, rolled 3" for the zone of slowness (so no effect on his war machines) then got taken out by his cannon on his T1! Can’t help bad luck!

The Blunderbussers were brilliant, - till they got to combat. The unit on the left flank took out -with shooting, the Swords Unit, most of the militia and half of a unit of handgunners till the entire unit was taken out in one turn by a direct hellstorm hit and the single rank of survivors by the subsequent cannon shot. The other unit in 1 turn took out nearly half of the pikes, before being charged. They held up for 3 rounds of combat.

The Arrer Boyz killed 1 handgunner all game,and got wiped out by shooting.

One big unit of HG’s held up the greatswords for 4 rounds of combat, running on the 5th. Leadership of 10 and BSB nearby helped. the other unit was slowed by a squabbling screen and didn’t make combat, ditto for the orcs.

The CD’s got shot to bits, the surviving half made a flank charge on the unit in combat with the BB’s, did no wounds, then got flanked themselves. The whole combat disintegrated (well, my half)and that was game. I think I could have played it better, but, you know, I thought 10 x S3 attacks (INC bb’S), the BSB (3 x S5) and a flank would work… "Oh S**T, Greatswords are STUBBORN!"

Bolt-throwers alone took out 3/4 of the big sword unit, making his griffon banner worthless, and kept his pistoleers hiding for 3 turns. Love 'em! Are you sure it’s cheesey to take 8?

Bull Centaurs moved slowly throught a forest for 2 turns (to avoid enemy fire) moved into the open in T3, lost half their no. but stayed, charged the hellblaster, 7 x S6 attacks killed 2(!) crew, the surviving crewman PASSED HIS LEADERSHIP!!! (at -4), so I didn’t get to overrun into his hellstorm, his crewman died in his turn, then I forgot to declare a charge in mine!! I think the worst unit in my army is me!


1. Orc arrer boys suck for agressive play.

2. A hobgoblin screen will always suffer from animosity when you want the main unit behind to advance… On the plus side, he wasn’t game to charge them because he knew I would flee and he would be counter-charged. I suspect I really have no idea on how to use MSU HG units…Might keep them for nusiances on the flanks and pegging/denying table quarters.

3. I love my Boltthrowers, hate his hellstorm. It was the unit of the battle, even after suffering “commandment of Brass” 2 turns. 3 of the other 4 were “on target”!

4. My 4 powerstones resulted in 3 miscasts. I think Hashut hates me! more dice /roll means a greater chance of misscasting.

5. Staff of Sorcery did nothing.Might drop it for another DS and save 25 pts, or just run with 6 Dispell dice and one Scroll.

6. I love my Blunderbussers, I am going to make them 6x3, and, despite strong opinions to the contrary on this forum, I am tempted to give them command.

7. Again, despite strong opinions to the contrary on this forum, tooled up big HobGoblin units can be good, especially with L10 and BSB.

8. If I had included wolfriders, I might have neutralised his war machines on T2.

9. 8 levels of magic and 4 powerstones was disappointing to say the least. i killed half a handgunner unit and stopped the Hellstorm 2 turns. However, I suspect 8 levels is as far as you can go without screams of “cheese”. I’m wondering if I’m better off with 2 level1’s and maybe 3 scrolls. That would save 395 points.

10. I never had cause to use the Banner of Slavery, but it’s a general purpose army, and it might be handy against fear causers.

11. Only used the BSB once.

11. I keep forgetting about the short-term-memory-loss!

Comments/advice welcome!+

Father Grumpmas:

I have always found that the tooled up hobgoblins do when they are within BSB and Generals range.