[Archive] Earth Shaker / Bolt Thrower crew


Hi all,

Don’t know if I am posting in the right place, so apologies if I’m not.

Can crew from an Earthshaker be used to re-crew a Bolt Thrower, if ex their warmachine was destroyed in close combat?

This happened to me today but since they were not the same type (Dwarfs/hobgoblins) I erred on the side of caution and did not crew it. Pg 86 on the BRB seems to make no distinction between crew of one war machine and another but I wanted you opinions on the matter.


Da Crusha:

well the rule says that the machine can be recrewed by any other friendly war machine crew, so I dont see any problem with having the cd’s recrew the bolt thrower or having hobbgobbos recrew an earthshaker for that matter. it is completely allowed by the rules.


Great news. Thnx for the quick reply.


Mmmmmmh, rule wise I can understand it could be done but fluffwise? Chaos dwarfs could handle a bolt thrower, no problem at all, but do hobgoblins have the skill to use an heartshaker? Do not think so.

I’d use this rule only for dwarfs recrewing a bolt thrower, not the contrary.

Da Crusha:

haha, yea Hashut might frown on hobgoblins operating an earthshaker and then you’d probably roll a misfire. x.x