[Archive] Easy magnetic movement 'trays' tutorial


I’m not a fan of the GW style with the protruding lip. It creates a headache for measuring, movement, etc.

I like my movement base/tray to be hidden, and I’m a huge fan of magnetics as some figures are top heavy. Magnetics, or the metal base I put underneath it (let alone both combined) go a long ways to fixing that.

Here’s what I do.

I get magnetic sheeting ($5 a roll) which I can then cut to shape/size. I also use this sheeting to line my boxes I use to haul my armies.

I lay out the little metal bases for the unit size I want. You can do a whole unit, or half… but no less then half. I prefer full unit size as, while it’ll stick out a bit… it will be flat and easily covered by other stuff as needed. Plus if it gets to small, it’s not as useful.

I take flat little metal bases from “Wargames Accessories” and glue them underneath my bases of my figures. This allows you to use the magnetic system. It works wonderfully.

I then take bigger metal bases (such as 50x50 or 100x50 or whatever) and glue them underneath the magnetic sheeting to add stability and a nice solid base underneath. This also allows it to magnetically stick to the box I transport my armies in.

This allows a VERY quick set up, and will help protect your figures. I’ve set up my army in a minute or two before. Even my bigger armies.

I’ll snap some photos later if people are interested in more detailed description.

The historical group I’m in has been doing this for over ten years and it works wonderfully.


Pictures are a plus because I have no idea about many of things you mention.