[Archive] Ebay Auction for Hobgoblin on Temple dog



Don’t know if it’s a rare mini to find… (never seen it before)

If someone is interested in buying it…


i’ve seen those temple dogs before, but never with a hobgoblin. i did however found a few with slann or dark elve minis.

in one of those descriptions it said that there was once a time when you could choose which mount you wanted for the rider while ordering and that the temple dog was one of the options.

i don’t come across them very often on ebay, so my guess is they are pretty rare.

Da Crusha:

oh nice find, I’d like to see it glued up. does anybody know where to find a pic of it on stuff of legends?


I haven’t found pics at “Stuff of Legends” but here is another link:

Orientals - Collectors Guide

I hope this will be sufficient! :wink:



i haven’t any pictures on Stuff of Legends aswell… good find there Zanko, i really really want those models in my nippon style empire army. i’ve never seen them before on ebay though…


It’s from 3rd edition. Back then dark elves could use them and my dark elf general was mounted on one.

Nippon (duh) could use them as well. I d t have my warhammer armies book at home right now to double check. If it were me I’d buy it for the temple dog.

Pyro Stick:

Im interested in buying 1 at least. They are cool models and seem quite affordable at around £25 for a mint condition one (that back banner is sometimes damaged/lost). Ill probably go for thje hobgoblin or dark elf variant. Shame ive been away for a few weeks or i would probably have bid.


I have one of these Temple Dogs, also known as Foo Dogs. I bought it on eBay with a Samurai rider, but they are very popular, and usually attract interest by a variety of bibbers. I have bid on others, but I have never managed to win any more. Just as side note, these models are closer to 25mm than 28mm.