[Archive] ebay dodgyness, watch out



the person has more items on ebay in the forge world section at the moment


Well spotted.

The world is full of scum, and many of them own computers…


Thanx for sharing. Bloody idiots!

Just going on there ow to find atleast 3 bull centaurs!! :wink:


MAtty :slight_smile:


read through half of the posts, and a few item descriptions.

i spotted epic40k at the top, as i always check that box whatever im buying (a habit from making sure dvd’s are region 0 or 2)

i have to admit it could mislead newer gamers who might not even know what epic40k is, but at the end of the day if your going to bid when you dont have pictures or an adequate description then you are always taking a risk.


Basic adage from our grand parents and great grandparents generation “let the buyer beware”. That being said just how stupid does someone have to be to see “Forgeworld Baneblade” for .99 when the thing goes for $499. Too good to be true would spring to mind.

Now the eBayer is definitely slime for shady descriptions mind you. Also never buy something without a picture.


“Epic 40K” is a very misleading title. It isn’t as if there is an Epic Fantasy, that’s called Warmaster.

Always read the descriptions very carefully if there are no pictures. In fact, be very suspicious of anyone who doesn’t have proper pictures, especially if they looks like they are running a business.