[Archive] Eldar skimmer size question


Which of the eldar plastic tank/ skimmers is biggest?

Can anyone tell me if this picture is life size?


Looks too small to me. I’d say about 2/3 of the real thing. Wave serpents are longer and a bit wider, due to the forcefield generators and extended troop compartment. Most of the others, outside of the superheavies, just have bigger armament.


It’s actually fairly close…on my monitor at least, 80-90% I’d say. All the Eldar skimmers (bar super heavies) are based on the Falcon hull. Just more bitz on the other ones. So in a sense it really doesn’t matter. The waveserpent just has an extra extension bit to it on the back.

Hashut’s Blessing:

What ya looking at using is for? BTW, I have a spare three skimmer tanks if you’d like them?


It will be interesting to see if anyone can guess why I’m looking at this…

The hull shape vaguely reminds me of something CD based I’ve seen recently… Well, the section with the 2 holes.

@HB  With all my other projects on the go I’m not looking to start this any time soon.  Just thinking ahead to see if it would be possible.


You’re not considering using it for a mask of your Kdaii are you, Grim?

If I’m on the right track, how friggin big IS that sculpt? :o


Lol.  No.  Though that would be awesome.  It’s not until you said that that I realised it does look like a decent mask doesn’t it.  You might as well attach that to a cat etc if you wanted to use it as a mask!  :D

I’m guessing that the idea I have in mind is too out of the box for it to be obvious to people, so I’ll spill the beans.

I was thinking the other day whether it would be possible to make a ‘small’ scale version of the Black Kraken.  I figured it would be handy to have something solid to base the front of the hull section on.  I was drawing it out and immediately thought about the eldar tank top section because if you put some ‘bubble’ type windows on those the hull would already be fairly good as a starting point.  It would need some rivets along all the joins, and a whole load of scratch building of course.

I had another idea for a CD type tank, based very losely on the Dora railway gun. A similar shape, with a high artillery gun and a large section where the front wheels pivot that also has a daemonic battering ram.


Huh. Kraken you say… that’s certainly out of the box yes.


Ok, new plan, sculpt something that CAN use the falcon chassis as a mask, and I’LL use it as a K’daii. Heh.

Kraken idea is neat, too.


Oh Grim, that sounds rather good!

On my screen the image seems a little to small to be true size, but probably depends on the resolution or something I guess. I’d say  it’s about 19 cm wide and 29 cm long in reality IIRC, not 100% sure though.

Don’t know if this helps?