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Will Liam:

New idea - make my hobgoblin axe men camouflage as Wood Elf scum


Oh Dear. Trying not to laugh to loud. In the group shot I really couldn’t tell they were Hobgob’s.

Maybe some small flowers on their hats.


Are you doing this for all your units? They look great.

Will Liam:

yep doing this with all my hobs atm - Might just use the kebabed sprites and not the other white elf bits - i will see how it looks when its all painted before i change anything - going to keep all the orange sticks - and yes trying to find flowers small enough for the bases - do you know where i can get some?


Flowers? That word is not in my CD dictionary.

Only thing I can suggest is those grass tufts they make now and some small bits of brightly coloured flock.


My wife added flowers to her Dark Elf bases. She just went to a local field and found a type of wild flower that was essentially a bunch of tiny flowers.


These might work out for you if your looking for flowers, they might be a bit much as is but you can cut them into smaller patches easily if you keep them on the paper. :cheers

@cornixt Lol that sounds pretty cool! I don’t suppose you can post a link to them?


This looks like what she used. I think it is a type of hemlock (so don’t put it in your mouth):


Scale-wise, the flowers are smaller than a persons palm. I don’t have any photos of the models online, I’ll see if I can dig some up.


Haha, awesome! Sneaky little buggers!


Got to say this is certainly a unique idea? Where did this come from? The inspiration that is.


Must have found a stash of those magic mushrooms the vanilla gobbos enjoy