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elliott vigil's chaos dwarf army - YouTube

I really like the Ogres’ fillers. Indeed, and looking to the Mortar, I feel the mood for make a CD army centred on Ogres slaves…


They are indeed good unit fillers… I’ve got the limited edition buiser with all the guns ready for paint for my unit of blunderbusses, and I’m considering the ogre bruiser scibor for my second unit of warriors.

Also, consider the vicinity of their tribes near the CD lands, and the fact that they trade a lot, makes them perfect from a background point of view.

I don’t use them wiith my earthshakers though… I’ve put the ammo-bearers on a 40mm base to represent the ogre loader.

Time of Madness:

Great looking army, wish I could see some close up pics of it!

Time of Madness

Kera foehunter:

booooooooooooo no big hat but i like the ogre filler units too