[Archive] Elrodogg's Big Hat Army Blog (updated 8.20.10)


As promised, here is the beginning of my blog.  I’m wrapping up an internship, so am planning on beginning the painting next week.  In the meantime here are some preview pics of about half of what I have to paint.  

Painted models to come soon!


awesome army you have there, man I wish I could have some of those character models haha! Wow, have fun painting man, really jealous of all those models!

Da Crusha:

nice army, good luck on your painting. do you have hobgoblins or are you planning on playing without them?


Nice big hat army you got there, lot’s of war machines and a huge Bull Centaur unit.

Enjoy the painting.


What a great way to start the day seeing a new big hat army on the site, looking forward to seeing the army in all is painted glory soon , this certainly gets my big hat seal of approval :hat off


Look at all that sweet, sweet metal!!  :P~~

Can’t wait to see what you get up to with this…

Pyro Stick:

Its always nice to see another big hat army. Very nice collection there. Im envious of your three Earthshakers and that is an immense unit of bull centaurs! This is going to be a very impressive looking army when its done. Have you decided on a colour scheme yet?


@Da Crusha - I don’t have any proper hobgoblin models. For greenskins I am using Old Glory rebelling medieval peasants to sub as rabble and Old Glory assyrians to sub as hobgoblins themselves. The assyrians have tall armored helmets so visually they are close to the big hats.

@Pyrostick - I haven’t settled, but I know I don’t want to do the standard red and black. My first test model will be a bleach bone armor, with jade green accents, black/obsidian weapons and orange/purple/blue flash.

this actually isn’t even the full collection of models. more stuff was sitting in greenstuff when i took this pic! :o


Couple of crappy test pics of my first blunderbuss. I am happy with the way he turned out, now I just have to figure out the color scheme for the basing.  It’s a rolled cork board which will end up looking like cracked earth. There is also a river carved out throughout the unit for a diorama effect. My first thoughts are a dark maroonish brown for the earth with a blackish oil and a dark yellow static grass.

I know they are a little dark, I’ll take some proper ones with adequate light in the next week or so when I have a complete unit.


Really odd colorscheme, but I like it… :slight_smile: