[Archive] Elven steeds or simmilar style and appropriate?


Now what I am looking for of late is something quite out of the ordinary for me, I have mannaged to pick up 200 Heroclix elf archers for the small small price of £36.99, Now you may or may not know that they are sligthly more to the 32 mm scale than the 28mm ‘heroic’ scale that many of us are used to wiht games workshop but what I have been finding is horses. Well horses and cavalry really. What I need is 40 elven type steeds now in days of old when I last remember refreshing my orc boar boys out the boars and all steeds of all races were £1 each to replace them all outright with brand spanking new ones and the old ones I had went straigth in the dustbin or the bitz box at my local club, but these days the steeds are £8 for only five.

Now to get my new steeds im talking about a wholesale investment of £64 for 40 cavalry models so no that doesnt sound too bad but looking at sites like bitzboox and bartertown so few people have what I want, So ill change what I want a little. What I want is a cheaper alternative to games workshop elven steeds even with a little work casting or the likes. So guys any ideas ?