[Archive] Empire Cannon to Death Rocket

Jakk Trash:

I was looking through my bits box and I found my old Empire Cannon. Maybe I could convert it to a Death Rocket? :idea


Sounds cool, but what is your idea for it so fare?


It’ll require a lot of work, such as shaving off most of the empire iconography, spikes maybe, bull iconography.

Rockets are easy enough to make. Find a tube that will fit in your cannon then GS a cone on the end. Jobs a good 'un

Kera foehunter:

that sound cool ! i add some greenstuff skulls and make some rockets out of green stuff

just check out this site it has some great death rocket stuff

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s not that difficult, but it should be cool. An easy way to CD-ify it, is to add spikes to the wheels (for example, the tips of cocktail sticks) as a sort of grip. Maybe a spine of spikes along the barrel as well and then a simple rocket (GS is probably easiest or even a shell from the dwarf cannon box) either about to be fired or actually having just been fired (glue some wire to the rocket and inside the barrel and cover with a mixture of blackened cotton wool and the foam in blister packs). Hope that helps! Show us some results soon :wink:


i allready did this, works fine and looks cool. you just have to cut something of, make everything a little bit shorter, change the wheels and add a rocket (without a rocket it still looks like a cannon ^^). everyone should have an empire cannon ^^


I’ve done this myself, very simple yet one of my fav conversions:


Hashut’s Blessing:

Couchmonster, very good, very effective and VERY similar to the original DR. Kudos, m’lad, kudos! (I got my bro’s Empire Cannon in the garage, so I may steal it for this, he he he.)


It’s so simple I can’t believe I haven’t made more of them yet, a cut here a bit of filing there and wham, one death rocket.

note to self add a couple of cannons to shopping list