[Archive] Empire Metal Steed?


Has anyone ever thought of converting this baby into a Chaos Dwarf contraption? Maybe a Bull Centaur lord?

If you already have. Please link or post a pic!!


Hashut’s Blessing:

Oddly, I don;t think I’ve seen any use of it. Good idea :wink: Give it a go if nobody references it.

I think I saw VAGUE talks of it once… IIRR, people were largely put off by the idiocy of the Empire having clockwork horses…


Just musing on the idea here, but it seems like it’d be a difficult conversion as the legs of the engineer are part of the horse’s body, and the head of the horse is attached to the right half of the horse’s body. Both would probably need to be removed for a centaur conversion. A good dremel, strong clippers, a jewelers saw, and a course file could probably get the job done. Then you’d have to go through and build the body or pilot (A regular CD piloting a mechanical Bull Centaur would be awesome).


Metal, clear Empire iconography, and expense mean you’re probably better off just making your own out of plasticard and green stuff.