[Archive] Empire rockets

Lava Lord:

Wondering, is there any reason, that the empire rockets can’t be used as the shrieking deathrocket?? I don’t see why not. Opinions please…:hat off


Why not, the only think I could think of is the size. But the deathrocket I use (the 4th/5th edition) is probably smaller then the empire version.


it should work fine, no one would be confused as to what you are using them for.

it would obviously look better if they had a bit of CD conversion done to them, bulls heads, brass runes, lava bases etc etc.




I say go for. Maybe do a bit of converting (won’t need much) and then put a few chaos dwafs next to it and you should be fine. I use the 3rd edition bazooka for my deathshrieker.


shrugs Rockets I cant see why … Its all rockets isnt it ?