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zorn sabretooth:

the character of hashut was possibably based on the mesopotanian character enduku WHO WAS SUPPOSED TO BE a half man half bull instead of the angering of khorne we have the fact that gilgamesh was too proud (a silmalarity to the chaos dwarves) giglamesh and enduiku battled to a stale mate and decided to become allies ( the first encouter with hashut in the cave?):hashut:o

Thommy H:

Enkidu was Gilgamesh’s companion, and a savage wild-man. He wasn’t a god, and actually kills a sacred bull sent by the gods.

Hashut is more likely to be based on Adad, a storm god associated with bulls. He is better known by the Canaanite name Baal, which was co opted by Christianity as the name of the devil or a subordinate demon (it’s the origin of the name “Beelzebub”), which gives Hashut a resonance both with the Mesopotamian style of the Chaos Dwarfs and the Chaos Gods, who resemble Judeo-Christian ideas of demons.

zorn sabretooth:

is that just knowledge or wikipedia


Hey Zorn, check out my story (here) based on this.

I’m pleased with it overall, it adds a huge amount of depth to the CD fluff for such a short story, creating more questions than it answers.

To avoid uneccesary confusion I changed the name to Enkida, and Gilgamaz.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Personally, I believe his more likely to be based on the Hitite God of hashutite (I think that’s what they called their God). There was a brilliant documentary of it on just over a year and a half ago now. Alas, I had difficulty watching it because I had to record it and when it was recording lightning took out my aerial and it was VERY fuzzy as a result.

Thommy H:

That was one of their cities, apparently. I think the god you’re thinking of is Teshub. I didn’t know about the Hitites, but there’s some influences there for sure. I shall add them to the relevant page on the wiki!

Hashut’s Blessing:

There was definitely a name very similar to Hashut that they worshipped. Hatshepsut! That’s the one. Often, people think that’s what my name is referring to (although they mean the Egyptian Pharoah of the same name)…

Thommy H:

Wikipedia only throws up the Pharaoh for “Hatshepsut”…

Knight Of Awsome:

Wikipedia only throws up the Pharaoh for "Hatshepsut"...

Thommy H
I'm pretty certain that chaos dwarfs are in-fact based on Egyptians, only because of some similar background and mythological creatures. hmmm...I'm going to have to look into some of this.

Ancient History:

I wouldn’t think so. The Egyptians weren’t known for Lammasu, ziggurats, or coiled beards, among many other things.

Thommy H:

[[Inspirations for Chaos Dwarfs]] covers many of the real-world influences on Chaos Dwarfs. There’s no direct Egyptian stuff, as far as I know - Tomb Kings are the Egyptian-equivalents in the Warhammer world.