[Archive] Enigma miniatures


I was browsing the many many mini sites I fequent and found some cool looking dwarf models that may make pretty good generals of characters. They are a 30mm scale I believe. Check them out. Links are below.




Nice sculpts but the scale leaves me rather wary. The site says 30 or so mm to the eyes, but to the head 35mm and even 40mm for the skulldwarf. I think these would tower over the rest of the dwarves in a unit say.

Would be good for one-off display conversions though.

Thanks for posting the link.

Ghrask Dragh:

I have some of the Enigma miniatures, unfortunetly they are too big to fit in with our mere 28mm guys.

If you find any other decent miniatures though you can put them here…



I’ve seen these before actually. As others have said they’re too big for us but might find a place in a chaos mortal army

Kera foehunter:

too bad there look great too


I’ve got the guy with the axe.

He is about the same size as a human Chaos Warrior.

That isn’t necessarily a problem, of course. If a Chaos Dwarf can have mutations like tentacles, then there is no reason that one of them could not also be freakishly large.