[Archive] Enslaved greenskin horde


:idea Okay so as my CD horde grows, I want to branch out a little. I’m considering taking the slave units from my army to form a new slave Orc and Goblin army. This would represent either 1) an army of slaves pressed into service, 2) An escaped band of slaves during the black orc rebellions or 3) A ‘client’ warboss who trades the slaves he captures with the CDs for good weapons and armour.

I’m probablly going to run with the third idea, and thus want everything to appear quite industrial (ie lots of iron, no wooden shields, weapon shafts etc.) I’m already considering a unit of black orc boar boys with barded boars (used as big’uns in the Orc army, and DoW heavy cavalry with my CDs) and my BfSP hobbo conversions as night goblins. Any other advise on how to make some of the more random units look Chaos Dwarfy (Chariots, Squigs, Trolls, Spider riders etc) would be appreciated.


I would use Oglah Khan’s boyz and stats for various human Dogs of War units for the Hobgoblins instead of using them as Night Goblins. The Hobgoblins amongst them should be far in between anyway.

Using lots of metal would certainly help, perhaps make any bolt throwers or stone throwers you build look more high-tech, but run down. If you can give the WarBoss a mechanical steed or such it would certainly help to push the theme.

Actually, what might help reinforce the CD theme much would be what you DON’T use as much as what you DO use. Don’t use Squigs or Spider Riders. If you must use a Troll, make a mechanical “Troll” instead.