[Archive] Epic ebay purchase


These guys cost me all of £0.99 (thats about $0.50!)

Pyro Stick:

…And what are these exactly?

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

£0.99 is about $2, not $0,50. Sorry mate :wink:


they look like… monkeys!? o.O

and yah, not $0.50, but still under $1 each, so I guess it’s a good price shrugs


Woo! Nice!

These are Fimirs from the classic table top board game “Heroquest”!

I loved this game and Xander and I have a few Fimirs ourselves, one or two will make their way into the slave unit (counts as orcs)!

What are you planning on doing with them?

We actually used quite a few of the models from this game in our earliest attempts at playing warhammer. They are made by Citadel and therefore store-legal miniatures in their own right :slight_smile:

I actually LOVE the Orc models, we have some painted and put on proper bases :smiley:


Aww, nostalgia kicks in! Hero Quest, the game that warmed me up for Warhammer…


Heh, plastic Fimir! One of my buddies has a ton of those. Now find the metal ones, those things come up occasionally on vultureBay.


Woops, realised my mistake as I’m so used to converting dollars into pounds! Still bargainlicious though. I’m trying to build up a collection of them for a unit to go into my army. One is also going to end up as a herald of Nurgle. I’d love the metal ones but can’t afford the extortionate prices they charge on ebay for them