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Chaos Dwarf Radio #10 - Bald is the new black!
February, 2011
Nicodemus flying solo
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Oh my! We're beyond excuses. The last show was recorded in September, before Games Day UK!

Today's host is Nicodemus.

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To second what Hashut's Blessing said in September:
I�?Td like people to start nominating themselves to co-host the podcast...
If you need incentive, you get a medal out of it too!

Hashut's Blessing


Cool. Now we just need to make it available in iTunes.


Cool. Now we just need to make it available in iTunes.

Yepp, please do! :)

Great work Nico, Ill listen to it soon...


I thought I’d done the rss feed (the hard way), but I screwed it up and didn’t realise until I had got to work. I’ll fix it tonight. Not sure if that will automatically stick it in iTunes.


Not exactly sure what that meant.


Can we have that in English?

Da Crusha:

great show! just finished listening. I’m really eager to see what kind of changes we are going to get from the tamurkhan book and now really feel like getting my hands on the wulfrik book also.


Gah, I’ve fixed the rss and then got a virus when fixing the link for episode 9 (mediafire served it to me, I usually use a safer browser for those sites but I was in a rush so I used ie - fatal schoolboy error) so there are going to be a few fixes left to do over the weekend.


Really good show Nicodemus, it can be difficult to do a radio show solo, as you have no one to bounce ideas and conversation off. You stayed relevant to the themes of the show and it was very informative and professional.

In future, I would definately like to do a single segment for a few minutes or so, although not swearing is not an especially strong trait of mine. :o Doing radio can be a lot of fun as long as it does not become a chore.

Great show and I look forward to hearing you present another show in future.



Great show Nico, I listened to the whole thing, and followed along with alot of it in google. I’m surprised to hear you have more hats than i do (probably ive been buying ALOT the last month or two) Anyways, I live in the center of North America so if you need any filler time segments, I speak fluent Canadian… well Western Canadian.


Awesome work here Nicodemus! You really pulled it together, on of the better episodes IMO. Looking forward to the next… :slight_smile:


Great job, Nicodemus - a little bit long - but like you said it’s been a looooong time since we last had an episode - so it fully acceptable :slight_smile: - and I give you an A++ - so hopeful you’ll bring us a show again any-time soon.

Can’t comment that much on the artwork - but it’s original source is here:


Artist/designer is a guy with the online profile ‘slothart’ - and has a rather interesting profile:


It seems, that Michael Phillippi have been working on … Warhammer Age of Reckoning - wonder if there actually were a plan for having CDs in that game …? - interesting thought :smiley: And take a good look at his site - lots of cool stuff in there and he has done a few pieces for GW, too :wink:

And this is his homepage: http://www.slothproductions.com/ - you’ll find the Chaos Dwarf in the “concept design/characters” sub section.


Great job, Nicodemus - a little bit long - but like you said it's been a looooong time since we last had an episode - so it fully acceptable :) - and I give you an A++ - so hopeful you'll bring us a show again any-time soon.

Ill have to stand in the oposite corner here, I prefer podcasts to be atleast 1-2 hours. As long as there are substance for it... :)


I have no problem with the length of this podcast - it was just that I felt a bit bored during the first part of this podcast - so had to jump to next section a few time - but this is his first show and doing it solo must be very, very hard. And all-in-all a very, very good show - and I’m sure that with a few more under his belt - it going to be spectacular :wink:


So glad folks are liking the most recent episode.  Wasn’t up to par as I was sick while recording it and was super stuffed up!!  I think what really helped the show was more the wealth of subject matter, not necessarily the host :P  But thanks for the votes of confidence just the same! Cheers for Cornixt for getting everything posted and linked, in particular the RSS feed!! Man, we need to buy you a pizza!

Hopefully when things have settled down a little with our resident Rambler he’ll be back in the driving seat.

This is going to be a stellar year with the Warhammer Forge stuff coming out, so “we” really need to get in gear as it becomes available. There’s a good chance we’ll have more new people coming to the forum and WoH and CDR are great things to offer.  As for future episodes and subject material, I think getting a few of us together for a podcast would be good once some of the rules come out, essentially have us put our heads together and compare and contract ‘what was’ with ‘what is’ with the new rules, etc.

I think some battle reports would also be good, but it’s hard to convey that without images… but as long as they’re short and sweet and can portray how a unit worked or how some rules played out in a game I think it would be OK.

I’ve also noticed that a lot of other podcasts are moving away from a strictly “Warhammer” focus and are focussing on other games as well (i.e. Warmachine, Flames of War, etc). While that may be interesting, I think CDR really will remain just that - Chaos Dwarfs on the ‘radio’.   … although I’m not opposed to other evil stunties being talked about.  Does anyone play Mantic’s Kings of War? A review in light of their models might be interesting, and maybe we should approach them - or if Mantic is reading this, maybe approach us!! ;)   OR what about D&D Duergars?!? :stuck_out_tongue:

Warhammer is the only thing I (don’t) have time for these days, but if anyone else wants to talk about it, that’d be cool.



Really GREAT job Nicodemus, you are a natural!

I appreciate the update, as I have been so busy and only heard things in passing. To have it all brought together was fantastic, and you kept it entertaining throughout with your upbeat attitude and the personal touch.

Excellent work, thanks again!

Hashut’s Blessing:

I got to listen to it before most to check there weren’t any glaring errors, but never actually got around to making comment:

A damned fine and excellent job, sir! I tip my overly-giant sized hat off to you. In accordance with the general reaction of the forum thus far, I think you seem to be the man to be the prime host, but I’m always more than happy to join in if/when you want a hand.

Considering you were unwell, you managed to last for a huge amount of time and regardless of either did a brilliantly stirling job! Kudos, old chap. P.S. Thanks for the Ramblers reference, lol :smiley: