[Archive] Escalation league (1250)(1)

The Gib:

Alas the mighty Chaos Dwarves are handed their first loss in the league by the dark pointy ears.  Very good list building and tactics along with a few boneheaded moves by me and the Dark Elves gave the CD a good spanking.  I will list out the mistakes that I made, but I would like to first off say that my opponent built a very good anti-CD list and deployment was excellent.  Below are the lists

Chaos Dwarves:

Daemonsmith - LVL 2, Chalice of Blood and Darkness, Lore of Metal

Daemonsmith - LVL 1, Dispel Scroll, Charmed Shield, Lore of Fire

20x IG - SB, Musician, Standard of Discipline, Great Weapons

Magma Cannon

2x Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

3x Bull Centaurs - Full Command, Gleaming Pennant

5x Wolf Raiders - Musician

Dark Elves:

(Don’t have the exact list, so I’ll get as close as I can)

Mage - LVL 3, Lore of Shadows

20x Black Guard - Razor Standard

20x Repeater Crossbowmen

20x Repeater Crossbowmen

Cauldron of Blood - BSB

5x Shades

5x Shades

5x Dark Riders - Crossbows


Here is where I made most of my mistakes and my opponent capitalized extremely well.  My opponent deploys first and I am not sure what order the deployment was, but I do know he put out his fast cav on my right flank first.  I countered with my wolf raiders on the same side to slow them down.  This was my biggest mistake.  The rest of deployment was as follows.  My left flank had one unit of the crossbowmen, the middle had the Cauldron and the Black Guard, while the right flank had the cavalry and the other unit of crossbowmen.  Mage was in the crossbowmen on my left flank.  

My setup was the two DRL’s on my left flank with the fire mage, the magma cannon on the right with the metal mage along with the IG, the Centaurs are close to the middle up on the line.  

We both have vanguard and I win the rolloff and move the wolf raiders up to block his knights.  The knights move to my left so they are just outside of 12" of the wolves.  The Shades come in behind my cannons.  The moment we were finished deploying I knew that because I had nothing back there to attack his scouts I was screwed.  And to make it worse, I never turned my centaurs around to attack the scouts.  It was one of those games where nothing goes right, because I set it all up to go wrong.  Anyway I win the roll off to go first.

CD Turn 1

Centaurs move up.  No other movement.  I have given up on my magma cannon lasting very long so I decide not to fire it at the shades.  Based on what my opponent did this was a huge mistake.  I cast Sword of Rhuin on one of the DRL.  My opponent set up all his units as wide as he could, so the blast templates did very little.  Shot both DRL at the mages crossbowmen unit.  One got a direct hit, killed maybe three and he passed his panic test.  Other missed.  Magma took a shot at the black guard and killed a few.

DE Turn 1

Charged the wolf raiders with the knights, moved everything else forward.  Shades chose no to assault the magma cannon.  Mage threw pit of shades on the Centaurs, dispel scroll.  Right flank crossbowmen fired at the centaurs causing 2 wounds.  Shades shot at the magma cannon causing two wounds.  No other shots.  Knights kill two wolves and wolf raiders kill 2 back.  Raiders pass Ld test.  

CD Turn 2

Centaurs assaulted the Black Guard.  This proved to be a terrible decision, which was wary it was, but I was interested to see what they could do.  Turned the IG in hopes to get into close combat with the Shades.  Turned the magma cannon and one DRL to fire on the Shades.  Magic was pretty dismal.  Threw the Sword of Rhuin on another DRL.  Cast Transmutation on knights, was dispelled.  Fired Magma cannon and one DRL at the Shades.  Caused one to run off the table and killed three in the other, but they stayed.  Other DRL misses.  Centaurs strike last in the combat.  I choose not to use the Great Weapons in order to get a better save.  I was pretty certain I would lose this fight, but If I could hold them up Maybe I could whittle down the rest of the army.  I lose three wounds taking out the musician and putting two wounds on the standard bearer.  I do about 3-4 back to him.  I lose combat but stay.  Knights kill another wolf raider and I do nothing back.  I run, he pursues but does not catch me.  

DE Turn 2

Shades move up to get out of charge arc of the IG.  The knights turn to the magma cannon and ignore the centaurs.  Mages unit moves forward to get in range of the two DRL cannons.  Magic, not much happens.  He augments the centaurs to lower their toughness.  Tries Pit of Shades but I dispel it.  Shoots Shades at Magma cannon and no wounds.  Knights at Magma cannon and destroys it.  Crossbowmen shoot at the wolf raiders and kill the last two.  Other crossbowmen unit fires at the DRL and causes one wound on one of them.  Close combat has the Black Guard wiping out the centaurs.  

CD Turn 3

Reform the IG to face the knights.  Move the metal mage into that unit for protection.  Magic phase I roll real well, and this is where everything that could go wrong does.  I throw the metal spell that lowers WS, BS, and armor onto the knights, I did not read the whole thing and was unaware it augmented the armor.  Goes on with double 6s.  Roll snake eyes on the miscast chart.  Because I just put the mage in the IG unit the blast template hits all but 4 IG, kills 12.  Then roll a three and the mage is gone.  What make it worse was that I was not aware DE knights has such horrible armor in the first place, a 5+ I thought was a 2+.  All dice are lost.  Fire one DRL at the Shades and miss.  Fire the other at the knights and it strays off so I roll the second artillery dice and hit the IG killing 2 more.  I was happy to end this turn.

DE Turn 3

Everything moves up.  Knights ignore the IG and turn to the cannons.  Everything shoots at the cannons and causes another wound.  Casts pit of shades on one cannon and kills it.  

CD Turn 4

Charge the IG into the Black Guard.  Run the fire mage away to behind a hill.  Cast Sword of Rhuin on remaining DRL with irresistible.  Roll box cars on the miscast and lose D3 levels, taking away all levels.  DRL fires at the knights and does nothing.  Black Guard kill all but 2 of the IG and and then run them down.

DE Turn 4

Shoot everything at the DRL and destroy it.

This was the end of the game as my opponent had to leave, although I had the lone mage left and he could do nothing.  I always hate to say that if I had done one thing different the game could have swung because I do not want to take away from my opponent, who capitalized perfectly on all my mistakes.  I do think I would have stood a much better chance had I left someone back to deal with the scouts I knew were coming in behind my lines.  Next game will be at 1500 and will be against either Empire or Tomb Kings.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Cold One Knights have a 2+ armor save but Dark Riders have a 5+. If they were knights your Wolf Riders would have been pretty much pasted on the charge.

Good battle but your analysis seems correct. If you had Shades in your backfield, there was an error in your deployment.