[Archive] Escalation league (600) first game

The Gib:

Played the first round of an escalation league at the local game shop. Played the first game today against the High Elves, also this was the first game I have played as Chaos Dwarves. First off let me say that I got extremely lucky in this game, especially in the first round. Here are the lists.

Chaos Dwarves

Daemonsmith - LVL 1, Ruby Ring, Sceptre of Stability

Infernal Guard - GW, Standard Bearer, Gleaming Penant

Deathshrieker Rocket (hero of the game)

Magma Cannon - Hellbound

High Elves

Mage - LVL 2, Silver Wand

16 Spearmen - Full Command, Gleaming Pennant

10 Swordmasters - Full Command

2 Great Eagles

The game was Battleline and played on a 4x4 table. We place two hills and two forests. The terrain did not have an impact on the game. All the terrain was placed on either side of the table except for one hill that was in my deployment zone. CD won the roll to deploy first. The Daemonsmith went in the unit of IG that were placed in the hill. The MC went on the left of the unit and the DR went on the right. Both were within 3" of the sorcerer. High Elves were set up with the mage in with the Spearmen. The Spearmen and Swordmasters were set up side by side directly across from the IG. The Eagles were set up on either flank with a direct shot at the cannons. CD won the roll for first turn. I took Fireball for my mage.

CD Turn 1

No movement. Magic rolled 5 power and 3 dispel dice. Threw three dice at 2D6 fireball. Dispel roll failed. Killed 2 Spearmen. Used Ruby Ring but is was dispelled. Fired the DR at the Spearmen and scored a direct hit. Template covered every model. Mage and SB rolled Look out sir, so 15 hits. Killed 4-5. Here is where I got lucky. The unit was forced to take a panic test. Failed the first but got a re-roll, then failed the second. They ran 10", after measuring they were only 9" from the board edge. So his spearmen and mage ran off the board. Fired MC at Swordmasters and killed 5.

HE Turn 1

Moved up all units max distance. No magic, no shooting.

CD Turn 2

No movement. Magic got 11 power dice and 6 dispel dice. Threw 3 dice at ruby ring at swordmasters, killed three. 2D6 fireball on Swordmasters, dispelled. Fired the DR at the remaining swordmasters and finished them off. MC was not facing the right way so did not shoot.

HE Turn 2

Charged one eagle into each cannon.

Next couple of turns are the eagles and cannons fighting. Eventually the eagles kill both cannons and hit the flanks of the IG. Takes another 2-3 rounds of combat to kill one eagle and finally be able to turn to face the other. After this it took one round of combat to finish off the last eagle. So in the end I killed all 600 and the HE got 270 points. I think it was obvious that the moment he lost his mage and spearmen the game was over. I think after my turn 2 my opponent even admitted there was no way for him to come back from that.

Next round will be at 900. Not sure who the opponent will be but it will be one of the following.



Dark Elves

One other player, not sure who he plays


Congratulations on the win.

Sometimes the dice just go your way and there’s nothing any one can do, sometimes the dice go the other way and there’s nothing you can do.

I’ve had a couple of low points games against High Elves and if there’s one thing they really don’t like is K’Daai. they’re a bit of a risk in low points games because you have to keep them at low numbers so the burning bright rule is a bit more scary but I’ve never regretted taking them and it really messes up the High Elf Always strikes first special rule.

I threw 3 of them at a unit of 10 swordmasters and they wiped them all out in 2 turns of combat.

You seem to be fortunate that all of your opponents seem to be fielding T3 squishies which Chaos Dwarfs generally have no trouble killing in large numbers.

Keep us posted on how your campaign goes.

What are you thinking of adding to take you up to 900?



The Gib:

My list for the 900 as it stands now is:

Daemonsmith - LVL 1, Dispel Scroll, Ruby Ring (Lore of Fire, probably take fireball)

10 IG - Standard Bearer

20 Hobgoblins - bows, Standard, Musician

3 Bull Centaurs - Full Command, Great Weapons, Gleaming Pennant

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon

5 Wolf Raiders - spears

Comes in at 877 points