[Archive] Escalation league (900)

The Gib:

First round of the league is over and will be moving to the second round after next weekend. Not sure who I will be playing but it could be between the following
Dark Elves
Not sure who the fourth player runs

Here is the list I am thinking of taking

Daemonsmith - LVL 2(lore depends on opponent), Ruby Ring, Dispel Scroll
20 IG - Full Command, Gleaming Pennant
3 Bull Centaurs - Full Command, Shields
Deathshrieker Rocket
Magma Cannon

This leaves me with 38 points. Not sure where to spend it. Game will be Dawn Attack

Here is a link to the battle report on the first game.



I’d go for GWs on the BCs, your army has little to no punch in combat.

Also keep in mind that unless the rules for your league are different you must declare your lore on your army list and cannot choose based on opponent.

Goltor Lintrepide:

For such a small game, I’d drop the Deathshrieker Rocket and add some hobbos so you get some more bodies on the battlefield. Cause this 20 IG block won’t be able to protect those two warmachines on his own. Or maybe some wolf raiders, they work well with the bull centaurs.

The Gib:

There are 2 reasons I want to take the DR

1. In the first game it was amazing. Killed 4 Spearmen, the unit failed 2 panic test, ran off the board with the Mage.

2. Here is the real reason I think it will do well. If it hits a unit is it the large template on S3. Because I have the Daemonsmith I am pretty well assured I will hit a unit, obviously not an absolute but a very good chance. Dice all armies at T3 base that means even a large unit could be looking at around 20 hits. 4+ to wound that’s 10. None of the armies will it honk have great armor so maybe 6-7 kills. One shot could take out 1/3 of a unit. I don’t know much about the DE but I do know they are also T3. I am tempted to remove the magma cannon, but it is a scratch built model that took a while and I love it.

The Gib:

Looks like I will be facing the filthy Skaven. I changed my list up a little before I knew what army I would be facing. I did not want to tailor an army specifically for my opponents so this was completed prior to me knowing it would be skaven.

Daemonsmith - LVL 1, Dispel Scroll, Ruby Ring (Lore of Fire, probably take fireball)

10 IG - Standard Bearer

20 Hobgoblins - bows, Standard, Musician

3 Bull Centaurs - Full Command, Great Weapons, Gleaming Pennant

Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher

Magma Cannon

5 Wolf Raiders - spears

Please let me know any tactics or advice for beating these rats. To me it seems like a pretty bad matchup for CD. I talked with this player durin round 1 and he took a WLC so I am pretty sure I’ll see that.