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Ceann Fine:

Is it only me, or is the etc comp for CD pretty harsh?

Yeah i prefer draft 2 to draft 3 but we'll see what they finalise on. Hopefully they'll remove the k'daai counting as two warmachines part, after that I can except pretty much anything :cheers

My latest list is a strong enough list especially with the 5 dice max for spells and my general throwing himself in a hole (which my prophets do for lols) won't lose me the game :)

Ceann Fine:

I’m seriously considering dropping cd for etc tournaments, draft 3 is driving me insane


But they won't leave them at draft 3 mate :) next draft will have

prophet on death/bale taurus/hellcannon/k'daai 0-2 to nerf another popular build

Ceann Fine
wait until the draft 3 is finished then we will know.
even if they make them like that i dont think its harsh (kdaai counting as 2 machines is stupid but not necessarily harsh). take death and kdaai/hellcannon (i vote for cannon). the taurus does not really matter imo.

i like draft 3 way more than draft 2.