[Archive] Eternalfreak's Dawi Zharr!


So, instead of making a tonne of new threads in the conversions, thought I might as well compile them all into one. I’ve made these all in the space of… a week or so(?) and, looking back, I really should have perfected beards on troops before characters, but ah well, c’est la vie, and all that nonesense. Anyway, on to the stunties.

This bloke is a sorceror, of the masked variety, made from a standard dwarf warrior with additional chaos bitz. The staff was originally a projectile from my doomrocket.

The very first dwarf, he’s a BFSP thane with ork, BoC, HoC, and OK bitz. I’m using him as a lord/thane-equivalent.

What I’m using as a BSB for now, and maybe a plain warrior standard, this guy was a warrior, with HoC bitz. If its unclear, the sword is a chariot sythe wheel on a random marauder hand.

This guy was originally a sorceror of some sort, though I think he looks more like an artillerydwarf. I’m going to have him as part of the earthshaker crew, but any warmachine would fit really.

And the Doomrocket, a complete bitz-box build, with the BFSP cannon as a base, then HoC, Ork, and brush-protector bitz.

Apologies for the quality/colouring of the pics, I still haven’t got a proper daylight bulb for my lamp. Let me know what you think!


The Flying Beaver:

Those are some awesome conversions. What can we look forward to next?


Well, I’ve got some more artillery crew in the works, though I’m running out of usable BFSP bitz (I refuse to use those godawful thunderers as blunderbusiers), so I’ll just play it by ear.

Uzkul Werit:

If my memory serves me right. it was Snotling who managed to turn those Thunderers into some really nice Blunderbussmen. But they are a little static - that’s BFSP for you!

Pyro Stick:

That doomrocket is awesome. What colour scheme are you going to use?

Traitor King:

I love the chariot sythe as a sword conversion! That just rules.

The guy you said was originally a sorceror was actully originally a crewman (hence why he looks like one). Its just that a load of people on here have converted him into a sweet sorceror.


I really do love the death rocket, and your helm conversions are a cut above - I’d only suggest a bigger beard on the thane - he is a character after all


Really great conversions and I espescially like your use of the helmets. They look much better when you cut them to fit better :cheers. Your doom rocket looks cool too! I’ll be watching this :).