[Archive] Evangelising Hashut?

Son of Darkness:

I was thinking: is it possible to spread the word of Hashut?

In the Nemesis Crown campaign there was a tribe of Beastmen who worshipped Mannan the god of the sea, albeit a dark aspect of him. So is it desirable to try and get tribes of Beastmen to try and worship Hashut? I mean Minotaur�?Ts, bull headed creatures, would be prime candidates, I believe CD�?Ts in Blood Bowl can hire Minotaurs. They could be our �?osacred cows�?� so to speak.

Not all Beastmen are goat headed creatures, they take the form of fairtale like fears of the local population. In the Dark Lands, with a population of greenskins which out number CDs by 1000 to 1, would not the prime image of fear would be the Bull Headed god of their masters the Chaos Dwarfs . Such Beastmen would literally be formed in Hashuts image. Their Centigors would be similar to our Bull Centaurs.

Also the human tribes of the north who follow the Four Powers. They follow a variety aspects of the Four Powers, so they do not just follow Khorne persey but they have there own name or have multiple deities which is really the same god. Some of these �?ogods�?� are actually demons of the Four Powers.

So as well as trading with the northern tribes perhaps we should be selling Hashut to them. Imagine whole tribes worshipping Hashut who will be able to provide Hashuts chosen, Chaos Dwarfs, with warriors and who donate slaves/sacrifices and gold to the temple of Hashut.

This could provide the theme for the up coming Warriors of Chaos army book which not only has a Chaos Dwarf Hell Canon but has been stated there will be a Chaos Dwarf unit as a special choice which will have the option of being upgraded to a ranged unit.

So you can have CD�?Ts for your special and rare choices and Chaos Warriors of Hashut as your core choices. I believe you can also have allies from the Beasts of Chaos book. Also included a Dark Emissary (read my Be�?Tlakor and Hashut post- such an alliance would serve our interest well).

All hail Hashut!

Hashut’s Blessing:

Okay, this idea has been brought up before and (mostly on HoH) it usually devolved to arguments. However, I AM intrigued as to your source for this CD special unit in the HoC book coming up. I thought BoC was going to be stand alone as well…

Ancient History:

Well, humans will worship anything, given the opportunity. I wouldn’t be surprised to find a Cult of the Father of Darkness in the Empire, especially with the tantalizing possibility that the Chaos Dwarfs might have inadvertantly supplied the conditions necessary to unite the disparate tribes around the time of Sigmar. Would partially explain why the lands of Men know so little about the Dawi’Zharr despite some of the famous battles in their lands, like the siege of Talabheim.

Son of Darkness:

From Wikipedia

"A source within Games Workshop has recently confirmed on the Warhammer podcast Podhammer that Chaos Dwarves will be receiving a “special” unit choice within the forthcoming update to Warhammer Armies: Hordes of Chaos."

The link to the Podhammer (Warhammer internet radio show) episode 17:


Considering this is true then the conversion of the northmen is a relevant issue as for a time the only valid CD rules will be in the Warriors of Chaos book so we will have to use a hybrid army to use CD’s properly


I think that podcast might be old and or false.

it mentions DE being delayed indefinitly or 2009 and that the summer campaign is an invasion


DE have a fairly firm 2008/2009 release date…they’re released book artwork which usually happens a year or less before release…I hope they give people the option to use chaos dwarfs as troops rather than special…no wait! The marauders can be slaves…sweet…

Son of Darkness:

I do not know how it could of happened but perhaps there was some confusion with Dark Elder which has been pushed back.

Also marauders as slaves… brilliant!

Hrothgar Goldgreed:

The podhammer source is false. It was an 1-april joke.

I don’t know about the source within GW, but I expect the Warriors of Chaos won’t get a unit of CD as special choice. If CD are ever going to be redone, then there will be a full army of them. JMHO, ofcourse.


Where are they releasing book artwork?