[Archive] Evil Dwarf Champion by Indraugnir


Evil Dwarf Champion by Indraugnir on DeviantArt

This may have been posted before as it is 2 years old.

Pretty sweet!


Thats a pretty sweet model - only thing i am not sure about is the flame atop its head


Where’d the helmet (bull face) come from?


The figure looks great. Very Chaos Dwarfy, and the helm is amazing! Very nice choice for style of helm, it actually makes me like the helm style to a degree! :o


thats a pretty nice mini,but the flame doesnt fit in my eyes


thats a pretty nice mini,but the flame doesnt fit in my eyes

It just means he's hot headed.. looks like it works to me..


Great mini!

I like to own it too! :hat


Kera foehunter:

wow now we know what you been doing with your spare time

he look great!! love the bull mask the horn are the best i ever seen!!


Wow, of the best minis I have seen. Will probably have to copy the idea of that mask on a future mini. Do you know if he haves more chaos dwarfs?

Ghrask Dragh:

What a cool mini, immaculate sculpting and a very clean paintjob too, matches it’s character.

Nice find.


He is a great mini the helm is wicked however i keep thinking about ice cream cones :hat


I think I’ve seen this one before and more like it, not too sure though…

Love the bull helmet, very nicely done. The flame doesn’t look too convincing though.

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Yeah the flame with white drybrushing does not work. But the rest of the mini has so much character… the bull helmet, the rune of Hashut, the scale armour, everything’s there. :hat


The flame should be drybrushed black, and the shield’s shape is a bit odd.

Otherwise, a wonderful mini!


i like the sjield. thtas wesome!


from the front its a bull but from the side its a puppy dog sort of looking thing.


This may have been posted before as it is 3 years old.

great mini!
btw, do we have threatomancy here?:s