[Archive] evil dwarf sculpt!


been trying my had at sculpting.

i know the armour scales are too big, and his helmet looks a little weird at the moment, but not bad for my first attempt i think. all i have to add is the left hand, and the weapons.

tell me what you think


I think its a pretty good start. However, I think the proportions are off a little, but not beyond salvation. I think that if you extended the beard and armour down between the legs, you’ll get a lower, squatter feel from the figure that is more in line with a dwarf. IMHO, more beard is good. I’m not sure how other CD fans relate to their “beard length” - I like to have mine almost being tripped over! (not in RL though)

As an evil warrior, though, you’re well on your way. I’d make a few more spikes/points, rather than rounded edges on the helmet. I think the scales are fine in size - they look like a large brigandine plate to me.

Keep going! IMO, the worse thing that befalls a project is frustration leading to lack of enthusiasm. Once you get a project done, no matter how well or wrong it goes, you’ve learned a bunch of things and can always do another one!

And on this last point, if only I could do that. :slight_smile:


it was pretty much my first go, just to see how things turned out. i also think his proportions look wrong, he was done in the style of hasslefree dwarves, not GW ones, so has more ‘legs’ if you know what i mean. the next one will be bulkier lower down and will probably have a beard going below the waist. At that point the belt bucke was the best thing id sculpted and i didnt want to cover it :stuck_out_tongue:

i already have 2 more armatures started with the feet done (stepped plate shoes) so hopefully the next 2 will be a bit better. Ive been doing a lot of sculpting recently so eventually i will do a really good one!

Kera foehunter:

i think he cute torn. what is the grey stuff your using is it eady to work with


the grey stuff is procreate its fairly easy to use holds detail a bit better than green stuff and has a lot less elasticity. doesnt smooth out as easy though.

i got it from heresy, along with clay shapers and all my other sculpting gear over the years

Kera foehunter:

sweet. i saw that stuff before but i never new anyone that use it thanks a lot


Hashut’s Blessing:

For future reference as well, maybe the model’s left shoulder needs to be slightly lower. Also, the forearms seem a little plain. I second the notion of making it look more squat (possibly by having a triangle of chain/ringmail between the legs) and lengthening the beard (unfortunately, i can;t see the belt buckle which you say is the best part). As for the helmet, I, personally, would make the eye pieces smaller. I’m not sure why, but I seem to prefer smaller eye pieces to most people on the website, possibly because it makes them look a little less distorted. That’s a personal feeling though; distorted may be the image you’d like. However, I think it’s very good, far better than I could do and looks like you’d sculpted a few beforehand anyway. keep up the good work. i can;t wait to see the two new ones you’ve started work on.