[Archive] Exciting Sprue Discovery!

Tarrakk Blackhand:

A little while ago, I wanted to make some Sneaky Gits. To do this, I used Skaven Plague Monks for the bodies and arms (Minus the tails) and the Goblin Regiment for heads.

The Plague Monks have two knifes, one in each hand and with a little plastic rod, you can mount on the Goblin’s heads. Instant Sneaky Gits!

Now for the amazing discovery…The Goblin Regiment gives you 40 Goblin heads and 20 of each style of legs - Riding Wolves and Standing.

This may not seem like much, but with 2 boxes of Chaos Hounds (10 per box) You could technically make 20 Sneaky Gits and 20 Hobgoblin Wolf Riders with bows…and that’s just what I think I’m going to do! :hat off


Or buy the real wolves? OK, a little bit more expensive, but I just don’t think Chaos Warhounds make good wolves. Too mutated. Nor do they make good Fleshhounds for that matter.
But it is a good idea. I might have to look into buying said regiments.


Are Chaos Hound boxes cheaper than Goblin Wolfriders boxes?


Are Chaos Hound boxes cheaper than Goblin Wolfriders boxes?

Yes, for 12£ you get 10 Chaos Hounds, 18£ 10 Wolfriders.


Didn’t Tjub use modified Chaos Hounds for his wolfriders? They look pretty cool. I think he had to add tails to them though.


Yeah tjub did use 'em, they did seem to work well. Would imagine you have to clean up any mutations and what not, but good value for money.

Thommy H:

Why would you have to clean up mutations? They’re Chaos Dwarfs…


I think the more the better, they live out on the plains they are not going to be like normal wolves


Why would you have to clean up mutations? They're Chaos Dwarfs...

Thommy H
And yet they are not really Dwarfs of Chaos... they are as much Chaos Dwarfs as Dark Elfs are Chaos Elfs. I thought that was sort of the whole point of them.

Thommy H:

No, they’re Chaos. They were mutated by Chaos (hence the tusks), they work with the forces of Chaos (hence the Hellcannon) and they worship a Chaos God.


so you got 40 goblins in one unit?


Alternatively you could just buy wolfriders, plaguemonks and buy your extra 10 goblin heads off bitzbox, bartertown or any other site - 10 wolves, 20 sneaky gits


I picked up a box of goblin wolf riders for their wolves (I have the metal hobgob riders) and riding feet (for hobgob conversions), but I sure will look into using those heads and plague monk bodies to make some sneaky gits and it’s nice to know what all comes in the normal goblin regiment box.